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Bitrix24 help and support

F.A.Q. & Resources

(for commercial and non-commercial clients)

The first place to find out useful information about things like billing, data security, or managing your Bitrix24 instance would be the F.A.Q. section. The Resource list is a catalog of links to recommended videos, blogs and forum posts, organized by topic.

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Blogs & Forums

(for commercial and non-commercial clients)

Get involved in the Bitrix24 community and research questions of all levels of complexity in our Blogs and Forum. You can sign in and create a new forum thread at any time if you don’t find what you are looking for. Our staff makes sure that questions are answered in a timely way.

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Bitrix Partners

(for non-commercial and commercial clients)

Bitrix24 may be obtained through participating Bitrix Partners. A Bitrix Partner can be contacted for consultation, purchase, and training in Bitrix24. Furthermore, Bitrix Partners can help you migrate your cloud-based intranet project to a locally-installed copy of Bitrix24 Self-Hosted Version, providing end-to-end service from purchasing a license for a self-hosted version to migration, integration and additional customization. Please make inquiries concerning Bitrix24 services, webinars, training, migration, or Partners to

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Technical Support

(for commercial clients only)

Technical support for clients of Bitrix24 is carried out through our automated inquiry system. Bitrix provides free technical support for clients with paid service plans. Non-paying plans are served through the Forum and F.A.Q. Support for users of the self-hosted version of Bitrix24 is performed at Please refer to the corresponding resource in accordance with the product that you use.

Cloud Version Self-hosted Version