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  • 100,000 Companies and Counting!

    Alex Reznor 13 November 2013
    Yesterday we've reached an important milestone – 100,000th company have signed up for Bitrix24, making us the fastest growing enterprise social company that has reached both 1000,000 users and 100,000 company signups. Eat your heart out, Yammer.

    P.S. We also have great news for our Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch speaking clients – the cloud service in your native language will be available in the coming months.
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  • How to Feed E-mails to Activity Stream

    Ann Slyshkina 1 November 2013
    Sometimes you only have access to e-mail but you want to post something to the Activity stream via e-mail or share someone’s e-mail message with everyone. Or you may want to automatically feed all incoming e-mails sent to a specific address ( or into a specific Bitrix24 workgroup (Sales Leads or HelpDesk in this example). Bitrix24 Send&Save technology lets you do that, if you use the self-hosted version of our software (for the cloud version Send&Save works in the CRM).


    This is how posting e-mails to Activity Stream works.

  • cd150e711e81dc9c10a54c1b27bfa312.png
    Yesterday, the Olympic torch passed through Kaliningrad, the R&D hub of Bitrix, Inc. What’s the connection? The official 2014 Winter Olympics webportal,, was created by Articul Media, a gold-level 1C-Bitrix partner, and runs on Bitrix CMS – the same content management system that runs your Bitrix24 portal. Pretty cool, isn't it?
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  • 8ed80e6999968d5efb3b7d66767677dc.png
    As you may or may not know, Salesforce has decided to shut down their service. We may be a little bit biased, but we think that Bitrix24 is the best Do.Com alternative currently available on the market and it’s 100% free if your team has 12 members or less. To learn more about tasks and project management or CRM and Contact Management in Bitrix24, visit our features section.

    Salesforce has promised to release a export tool on November 15. Our programmers will evaluate it in order to create Do.Com to Bitrix24 migration app as soon as technical specifications and data format details become available. You can subscribe to our Twitter or Facebook account, if you’d like to be notified when it becomes available as well as to get special discount coupons.

    Bitrix24 provides companies with a hub to communicate, collaborate, build knowledge, and generate new ideas in a secure and accessible cloud-based environment. This online service is absolutely free for up to 12 users, you can create your own free Bitrix24 portal here:
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  • Five Tips for Creating an Employee Portal that Works

    Stephen Ankenman 18 October 2013
    1.     Make it social.

    Call it Employee Portal 2.0 or Social Employee Portal, but if you want your employees to actually use the portal, it must have built-in social featuresthat make it easy and enjoyable for employees to interact with each other and collaborate on different projects.
  • More about the Company Pulse

    Ann Slyshkina 15 October 2013
    A new instrument allows you to keep track of how well Bitrix24 is integrated into the daily work of your company on the whole and on a tool-by-tool basis.

    Company Pulse is an excellent tool for showing the effectiveness of your intranet and the level of adoption.

    This aesthetically pleasing design and highly functional addition to Bitrix24 provides a breakdown of use of conversations, tasks, likes, comments, etc. and compiles it into a usage rating.

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  • Company Pulse

    Stephen Ankenman 11 October 2013
    Did you check your company pulse yet?

    As you may have noticed, there's a new widget in the upper right corner of your Bitrix24 account called Company Pulse. What is it exactly?

  • Bitrix24 has released a new version of its desktop application that supports audio and video conference calls.

    Now you no longer need to use a browser to call colleagues – it can be done directly from the desktop app.


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  • How to host Bitrix24

    Ann Slyshkina 30 September 2013
    Bitrix24 is a solution for business communications and collaboration inside organization. In one of my previous posts, I mentioned that Bitrix24 can be used as an online service and as a ‘box’ product – that is, installed on your own server (or that of your hosting provider).  That post was about the differences between these two options from the standpoint of the product’s functionality.  

    Today we’re going to talk about the self-hosted (box) version, its technical requirement, and the environment in which it needs to be deployed.

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  • Webinar about September release

    Stephen Ankenman 30 September 2013
    There was a webinar on Friday the 27th about the new release. Thanks to everyone who attended. If you would like to download the presentation, it is available. A link to download a recording of the webinar itself will be available after Wednesday. There is a repeat webinar on Wednesday, Oct. 2.  If you have other questions about this webinar, contact me at
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  • Meet Your New Bitrix24

    Alex Reznor 26 September 2013
    On September 25 we released a new version of Bitrix24 which is now available to all users, paid and free. The changes include a few major things and a bunch of minor interface tweaks that improved user experience.


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  • Hi everyone!

    We invite you to participate in a webinar that will explain the new Bitix24 features and capabilities available to our cloud users as of September 25. The webinar will take place on Friday, September 27  and there will be a repeat session on Wednesday, October 2  at 11:00 AM Eastern Time.

    Now, what do we have in our magician's hat for you?
    • Interactivity and improved user experience: Get important information real-time, remove the noise, and keep the whole thing under control;
    • Document editing does not have to be in MS Office. Now it can be done in your Bitrix24!
    • Confused if you need Skype or Google Hangout? The answer could be Bitrix24 this time;
    • Projects and Tasks: No more complex options. Fighting the routine is now as easy as never before!
    • Emails were the only thing we lacked in Bitrix24. Now the connection has been established!
    • Mobile CRM: Complete and truly functional;
    • Your company at a glance: Feel the Company Pulse! Now the whole team works as a single unit!
      Details are on the webinar registration pages!
    Best of all - these new features will be available to all Bitrix24 users, paid and free, after September 25, 2013! See you at the webinar!
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  • HR departments, recruiting and staffing agencies are among the top Bitrix24 users, so this post will explain how to use Bitrix24 as your free human resources information system as well as inform you which premium HRIS features are available in the paid plans and the self-hosted version of Bitrix24.

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  • You can work  with documents in Bitrix24 without an office suite now. Thanks to integration with Google Docs and MS Office Web Apps, you can open, view, and collaborate on documents stored in your Bitrix24 portal via your Google and Microsoft (Live ID) account.


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  • Messaging and communication tools in Bitrix24

    Ann Slyshkina 30 August 2013
    Bitrix24 presents several tools for business communication which let you stay in contact with your colleagues and stay updated about ongoing work and system events.

    • The built-in Web Messenger lets you write, call, and see colleagues directly through your browser
    • Mobile Apps for iOS and Android keep you connected outside the office
    • Using the Desktop App for Windows and Mac, you can close your intranet and still stay in touch and work with documents via the Bitrix24.Drive
    All messages sent via the above-mentioned tools are saved in the intranet, indexed for search, and available at any point in the future for reference.  
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