10 Bitrix24 Hacks You May Not Be Aware Of

Yana Prokopets
November 27, 2015
Last updated: December 3, 2018
This post is dedicated not only for Bitrix24 newbies but also for passionate Bitrixholics.

1. Neat Bitrix24 Chat Shortcut: your desktop app chat can be viewed in a separate browser page. Simply add desktop_app/ at the end of your intranet name link ( so that the full address will look like https:// yourcompany.bitrix24.com /desktop_app/ ) You don't need to have the desktop app installed to try this option!


2. + Mention: simple as that – when typing a new message or comment just use + sign to add user mention.

3. Customized Like tab, date format & company name to display in the header: all of these can be configured under Settings > Intranet Settings by Bitrix24 intranet administrator.

Even free Bitrix24 plan subscribers can set what company name to display in the intranet header.
4. Workgroup notifications: if you’d like to receive a particular workgroup’s notifications in your messenger – there is a special option for that inside each workgroup.

5. IM keyboard shortcuts: you can use these keyboard shortcuts to change your Bitrix24 Instant Messanger text format:

"Ctrl+B" – bold font
"Ctrl+I" – cursive font
"Ctrl+S" – a line (a "strikeout" ) drawn through the text
"Ctrl+U" – underlines the enclosed text

6. Tasks search by tags & other custom filters: these options can be found in Tasks > All > Filter (“Extended” page view for search by tags and “Normal view > My filters > add” for custom filters creation).

7. Screen sharing: you can show your desktop during 1-on-1 video calls, for that first use “video call” option in your Bitrix24 desktop app and after the connection is established click screen sharing tab.

8. Activity Stream message direct link: besides the possibility to click on the message title (or use More>Link menu option) to open the message in a separate window, the message date link can be used instead.

9. Daily Summary tip: make Daily reports to populate your week report form automatically at the end of the week. Daily Summary can be found under the Clock (Professional plan only).

10. Manage other users personal calendars: as you know users can be invited to events you create as guest, but sometimes you may need to add an event to someone’s personal calendars (manage another user’s calendar) – here is how: add this user’s calendars to your favorite calendars (you will be able to view this user’s calendar from your won My Workspace > Calendar section), to edit other user’s calendars - open the user’s profile > calendar > add event:

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