20 Cool Things Bitrix24 Account Admins Can Do

Yana Prokopets
May 12, 2016
Last updated: December 3, 2018
1. Brand Bitrix24 account with company name & logo: available for Bitrix24 administrators under Settings > Intranet settings.

2. Be “back to the future” - set date & time format: option can be found under Settings > Intranet settings.

3. Reveal secret societies - discover full list of workgroups, even private ones. In order to see the list, administrator should turn on admin mode on the profile page first, and open Workgroups > All Workgroups then.

4. Fight procrastination - access all users tasks under My Workspace > Tasks > All. There is an option to filter tasks by parameters – responsible person, deadline, project, etc.

5. “Long Live The King” - manage company employees: perform actions with employees list: invite, dismiss, move from Extranet to Intranet, etc.

6. Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover - extended access to Users Profiles: – general information, drive, tasks, calendar, conversations (Activity Stream posts), photos.

7. Man's home is his castle - set IP restrictions for users: Bitrix24 admin can configure access only from specified IP addresses or addresses ranges.

8. Spot workaholics - configure work time & work reports frequency: for the whole company, department or individually.

9. Stop the pigeon post - manage email accounts: create, edit and delete mailboxes for other users with either an @bitrix domain, or a corporate one.

10. Plan a dream getaway - add entries to Absence Chart: besides automatic fulfillment, entries can be added manually by administrator.

11. Boost creativity - turn on\off Rich media links: by default rich media link preview is enabled, but administrators can turn it off in Settings > Intranet Settings.

12. Limit Freedom of Speech - manage General Chat: the only chat in Bitrix24, that users cannot quit, but admins have access to several chat configurations such as – new hires \ dismissal notifications, and, most important, “allow users to send messages to General chat” option. All can be found in Settings > Intranet Settings.

13. Grow community - enable\disable Quick Registration: give all users the ability to invite new users and use quick registration options, or restrict these options.

14. Fight cybersecurity threats - protect Bitrix24 account with two factor authorization (OTP): can be turned on\off by administrator only in (Settings -> Intranet Settings).

15. Dispose of the dead body - turn on\off modules : CRM. Extranet, Time management & work reports, Meetings & briefings, Lists, Administrative workflows. Those companies who do not need all Bitrix24 modules provided in the pack, can turn them off in Settings>Intranet Settings.

16. Open public library - set Company Drive access permissions: - as a shared document library or Company Drive with custom access permissions.

17. Sell like hotcakes – CRM module configuration: access, custom fields & forms for all users, payment details, and other settings are available to Bitrix24 administrators only by default (CRM >Settings), but administrators can add CRM access roles with option “user can edit settings” turned on, which means users with this role will also have access to CRM Settings.

18. Rule Marketplace – manage access permissions for installed apps or add own apps.

19. “Better Call “… via Bitrix24 - manage Telephony: following sections are available for administrators - balance & statistics, phone numbers configuration, telephony users, SIP phones & other settings.

20. Go with the flow - create own unique business processes or run & manage one of the pre-made workflows.

*Looking for more options for administrators? We have a solution – administrator control panel, access to chats, integrations, extended access permissions settings, product source code available, rolled out on your own server, etc. – Bitrix24 self-hosted version
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