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  • Meet your new Bitrix24. Fall 2018 Presentation.

    Oksana Bednenko 6 November 2018
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    Dear Bitrix24 users,

    Yes, it’s that time of the year, again. Get ready for a brand new Bitrix24 with lots of new features and tools. Please join us on November 14 at 10 AM Eastern Standard Time for a live presentation on YouTube.

    Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel to be the first to learn about new features and updates as they come out.

    See you at the presentation,
    Your Bitrix24 team
  • Jira integration for Bitrix24 is out!

    Dmitry Davydov 6 November 2018
    Are you using Jira for bug tracking and wanted to have an integration with Bitrix24? Now you can. Simply install this app and you'll be able to add and manage Jira issues right from Bitrix24.
  • crm.jpg
    You might be wondering whether you need a CRM system. It’s a question many small business owners ask themselves. Well, the answer is quite simple, especially since free CRM that don’t cost you anything are extremely powerful nowadays. If your company sells products or services to customers, AND you want to scale up, you have a need for CRM. If your sales are few and far between, you can probably survive without one.

    That’s the short version, here’s the long one.

  • New Bitrix24 Webmail Is Out (And It’s Amazing)

    Oksana Bednenko 31 October 2018

    If you didn’t get a chance to try new Bitrix24 webmail yet, you should. Prepare to get impressed.

    First, you can connect ANY email address to Bitrix24 and it doesn’t cost you a penny.  
  • Time Doctor users rejoice! Our friends at Avivi have created an app that integrates Time Doctor with Bitrix24.  
    Tags: timedoctor, marketplace, apps
  • Predictive dialer is now available for Bitrix24

    Dmitry Davydov 30 October 2018
    Wanted a predictive dialer for Bitrix24? We have great news for you. Our telephony partner has released a special app that gives you predictive dialing capabilities inside your Bitrix24 account. Happy calling!

    P.S. If you like Predictive dialer app, make sure you try Call Center Wizard from the same partner.
    Tags: CRM, predictive dialer, telephony
  • New in CRM: Configure Required Fields for Each Stage

    Yuliya Skorobogatova 22 October 2018
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    It's impossible to fill in all fields in deals/leads forms at once because you get information over time and some details become known only when a deal/lead reaches certain stages. Before the update, Required fields became mandatory for all stages. Now, you can configure Required fields for each stage separately.

    Important:  This feature is available to Standard, Professional and CRM+ plans subscribers only.

    Learn more in our Helpdesk article.

  • GDPR is Forcing Email Marketers to Evolve

    Yuliya Skorobogatova 18 October 2018

    Email marketing is dead. Or so many marketers have heard over the years. Yet email actually remains among the most effective marketing methods. Even with inboxes as cluttered as they are, open and click through rates remain high. Indeed, the average open rate is nearly 25%, while click through rates (CTRs ) top 4%. While email marketing is still an effective tool for sales, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is forcing many digital marketers to adjust their practices.

    Email marketers need to be prepared and actively look for new opportunities. The GDPR has been a huge hit to many email lists, often resulting in losses of 80 percent or more. In this article, we’re going to look at how GDPR will impact email marketing.

  • GDPR Security Add-in

    Yuliya Skorobogatova 9 October 2018
    GDPR Add in.jpg

    The article has been provided by MAKE Interactive, Bitrix24 Gold Partner. Please contact them directly regarding installation or additional details.

    For its large European clients, MAKE Interactive has deployed a package of data-security measures using both the powerful out-of-the-box Bitrix24 security features and some custom-built tools. This package is available only in the on premise, also called the self-hosted, edition of Bitrix24.

  • New in Bitrix24 Sites: Unpublishing

    Yuliya Skorobogatova 8 October 2018


    If you don't want your clients to see your website, you can just Unpublish the website. Later you can publish this website again with the same address. Learn more in our Helpdesk article.

  • Introducing New Online Stores (currently in beta)

    Yuliya Skorobogatova 5 October 2018
    online store.jpg

    As e-commerce market share grows steadily year to year, we are offering Bitrix24 users a great new tool – Bitrix24 Online Stores. In a few clicks you are ready to sell your goods online (no coding skills needed)!

  • Integrating Bitrix24 with Microsoft Active Directory / LDAP is quite common. Do note that this option is available for on-premise Bitrix24 users only. Our friends at Intervolga have written a short tutorial how to set the integration up and have it run smoothly.

    This material is of relevance for synchronizing self-hosted Bitrix24 with Active Directory and LDAP.

    The article is long, so let us start with the conclusion. We often have to solve the task of synchronizing Active Directory with Bitrix24. The tools needed are available, but some additional setups are required. This article is about fine-tuning methods and solving problems related to such informational exchange.  

    We will consider a specific example. Our customer is a large production company. There is a configured domain controller and Active Directory with a list of users.  

    The task is to transfer users to Bitrix24 and set up synchronization. For the purpose of synchronizing information from the user fields and during user deactivation in Active Directory, it was deactivated in Bitrix24.

    The self-hosted Bitrix24 version has a standard module for this task - “AD/LDAP integration”.

    Prior to synchronization, this module needs to be installed or updated.

    It is possible to set up periodic synchronization. The basic setup makes it possible to define periodicity only in hours. We set synchronization for every hour. It makes sense to increase this time to 24 hours after portal setup is complete, as Active Directory data normally seldom change.

    Important! The synchronization itself occurs only ...CONTINUE

    Tags: LDAP
  • website_bitrix24.jpg

    And again, we’ve got something new for you!

    Google Maps on your website

    You can now add Google Maps to your Bitrix24 site. This option allows you to add your company's location to the website to help your customers find you quickly and easily.

  • Meet New Tasks Automation Rules

    Yuliya Skorobogatova 2 October 2018
    automation rules.jpg

    If you are drowning in tasks and large projects disturb your peace of mind, tasks automation rules is a tool you need! Set the automation rules, and Bitrix24 will automatically send notifications, change the responsible, change deadlines or take any other predefined action.

    To learn more, please read our Helpdesk article.

  • Meet new Bitrix24 mail!

    Dmitry Davydov 1 October 2018
    As you may have noticed, we've entirely revamped our webmail client. You can now easily connect any email address (or several, if you are a commercial Bitrix24 user) to your Bitrix24 account, work with your emails inside Bitrix24 much like you do with other popular webmail services. But unlike Gmail, Yahoo!Mail or iCloud and email inside Bitrix24 is easily added to CRM, activity stream, chat or calendar event. Pretty impressive, isn't it?

    To learn more, please read

    P.S. Shared inboxes with customizable processing rules are now available as well inside Bitrix24 Contact Center.
    Tags: CRM, email
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