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  • MAKE Interactive, Bitrix Gold Partner, Netherlands. For more information please contact

    This customization is ONLY available in the on premise version of Bitrix24.

    MAKE Interactive has updated the CRM-Helpdesk integration significantly.  The solutions draws on several features of Bitrix24, and merges them into a smooth ticket experience with a much improved interface for both client and support staff.  Bitrix24 features that are utilized in the solution are:  CRM, ticket system, workgroups, tasks (especially Kanban statuses), email handling, activity stream, notifications and reporting.


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  • Xero Integration For Bitrix24 Is Available

    Dmitry Davydov 15 June 2015
    If you are using Xero accounting software, we have great news - you can now purchase a connector for Xero from our NZ partners

    Services: Cloud & Self-hosted Versions
    Location: Auckland, New Zealand
    Phone: +64 212 836 660

    Here are highlights of the app's current features:
    • Invoice statuses in Bitrix24 & invoice statuses in Xero
      • Users can create a custom ma ping  between invoice statuses in Bitrix24 and Xero, i.e. users can specify what invoice status in Bitrix24 maps to what invoice status in Xero.
      • This allows users to use any custom invoice statuses they may have added in Bitrix24.
      • This mapping is done during the initial setup only, and not every time the app is used.
    • Create / Edit invoices in Xero
      • Invoice(s) from Bitrix24 can be created or updated in Xero by pressing the “Create / Edit on Xero” button.
      • If the invoice is already present in Xero, it is updated with all information from the invoice in Bitrix24.
      • If this invoice is not present, the app generates it in Xero and assigns it to the relevant contact.
      • All Products on the invoice in Bitrix24 are added as line items on the invoice in Xero.
      • If the invoice is created for a contact that does not exist  in Xero, this contact is created automatically in Xero and marked as a customer.
    • Status updates from Xero  
      • When the “update from Xero” button is pressed, all invoice s with their statuses are looked up from Xero .
      • If any invoice status has changed, for e.g. if an invoice is marked as Paid, the new status is applied to the invoice is Bitrix24.
    • Add Product tab
      • The “Add Product” tab creates a new Product in  Bitrix24 and also adds it as an Item in Xero at the same time.
      • The added Product is available for use with invoices immediately.
      • This feature helps reduce human error & effort since information is only needed to be entered once for both Bitrix24 and Xero.
    • User access permissions
      • The app respects user access permissions for viewing / editing invoices .
      • Users will only be able to see invoices that they have privileges for.
      • Users can use any login with Xero to use the app.
      • The login to Xero is kept alive for 30 mins and the user is logged out automatically after.
    • Responsive design, pagination and dynamic display
      • The app is built with using responsive design features and thus will render on any device — desktop, mobile or tablet.
      • Results are also paginated for better user experience.
      • Users can select the number of results shown per page.
    • More features coming!
      • Additional features will soon be added to the app — these include:
      • [COMPLETED] Date range filter for invoices - This will allow users to filter their invoices by a date range and sync relevant invoices from Bitrix24.
      • Mass upload of Products from csv - This feature will be added to the "Add Product" tab.
      • New tab for "Contacts / Companies sync" - This tab will allow users to import Contacts from Xero as either Contacts or Companies in Bitrix24.
      • Payment amounts updates from Xero - This feature will update all payment amounts from Xero and apply it to the invoice in Bitrix24. This will update the "Amount  paid" field. on the invoice in Bitrix24.

  • Michelle Martello has over 15 years of experience helping individuals, businesses, and government agencies succeed by creating dynamic, memorable and functional websites, online exhibits and interactive e-learning products.


    What’s a number one mistake that people make when deciding to open their web design business?

    M.M.: The biggest mistake I see many designers make is thinking that the work “will just come to them” as soon as they put up a web site. It takes time to get known in an industry. Brand awareness requires ongoing networking and marketing. Spend time cultivating relationships with potential clients and vendors - these are the people that will support your business for the long term.

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  • Bitrix24 And External Drives: Box Integration

    Yana Prokopets 10 June 2015
    Cloud storage solutions appear to be most comfortable and cost-effective both for teams and individuals, so it is not surprising that online drives have become so popular.  To support the trend we have added one more integration - & Bitrix24.

    Now your team can download & share files from 5 different external drives: Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Yandex.Disk:


    In My Drive or Company Drive users can now upload files from any of these 5 drives integrated. Make your team members communicate on files right in the Bitrix24 Activity Stream by the most convenient way - sharing files from external drives: click "download from external drive" to access the options:

  • How to Create a Value-Added Business

    Dmitry Davydov 10 June 2015
    Adding value as a sales strategy doesn't rely, like discounting or price matching, on the consumer getting more for less. Instead, with value-added sales, the consumer gets more for the same price or even for an increased price. The key is to add value significant enough that customers feel the cost is well-worth the value received.

    You can expand the value-added strategy and apply it to your entire business; by doing so, you're creating a business that systematically provides so much value to customers that they're happy to pay what you ask, and even feel privileged to do so.  
    The Three Questions to Help You Add Value

    To add value to a product or service, ask these three questions:
    1. What's the minimum acceptable offering for this item?
    You want to establish a baseline of acceptability. Look at your competitors and see what they're offering. Are there gradients or levels? What's the industry standard? What will customers accept?
    2. What's our acceptable level?
    Are you currently offering this item at a level above or below the minimum? If below, you may be dipping into price matching as a sales strategy, which can be very dangerous. If you're already offering more than the minimum acceptable offer, how much more? Why? Is it sustainable? Do customers seem to notice or care about your 'extra'?
    3. How can we dramatically increase the value our customers receive with this item?
    This is the key question. You need to think about what customers will value and what you can afford to offer. Find out where those two requirements intersect, and use your options there to add value.

  • Lydia Ramsey is an international business etiquette expert, professional speaker and author. She is the president and founder of Manners That Sell, a firm based in Savannah, Georgia, offering seminars, keynote speeches and executive coaching to corporations, associations, colleges and universities. She began her career as an etiquette consultant over thirty years ago. Lydia firmly believes that etiquette in business is not about the rules; it’s about the relationships.

    You wrote an entire book on the subject of business etiquette and it was very well received, judging by Amazon reviewers. So what are the most common mistakes that you see people make regularly and what was the motivation behind writing the book?

    L.R.: This looks like a two-part question to me so let me answer the second one first: why did I write the book, Manners That Sell? I wrote Manners That Sell – Adding the Polish That Builds Profits because I saw the need for people to have an easy reference book when they were not sure of the proper etiquette and protocol in business situations. I learned early on in this business that what seems second nature to some is often confusing to others. The book has twelve chapters which address the most common areas of business etiquette that challenge professional people.  
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  • Plans are useful maps to follow in pursuit of a goal. But plans are never perfect, and these five common mistakes could turn the greatest plan into a disaster. Check them out so you'll know what not to do next time you're creating a plan.
    Pitfall 1: Planning Too Soon
    Plans are tied to opportunity and action; the timing matters. If you plan too soon, you'll end up forecasting trends without up-to-date information. When you do get the data you need, you'll have to remake your plan. Who wants to do the same planning twice?

    Avoid this pitfall by first making a list of the information or resources you need in order to do your planning accurately. Don't start planning until you have what you need.

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  • Implementing business processes in your own company can be a challenging experience, we have tried to provide you with a “ready to go”  solution –  5 preset workflow templates:

    Here are several types of actions that can be automated with the help of new Bitrix24 workflows:

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  • If you haven’t been to Bitrix24 marketplace yet, you should visit it how. It contains a number of applications that integrate other online services with Bitrix24 (Mailchimp for example), help you migrate your data from other CRM or project management platforms, or add features that Bitrix24 doesn’t come with (web forms, sticky notes and so on). These apps were developed by Bitrix24 partners and until recently this was a requirement in order to create an app.


    Now you can create your own private app, without getting a partner status first. Private app will only be available inside your own account. They don’t undergo moderation process and aren’t listed publically in the marketplace. API and all documentation necessary for developing an app are available here. You can also hire Bitrix24 partner to develop an app for you.

    To add an app, simply go to Applications menu that's on your left hand side when you are logged in and click 'Add application'.
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  • Now your Bitrix24 Deals section has a new dashboard – a bright report page which reflects deals analytics.

    When you first open your deals analytics dashboard – it will be displayed in a demo mode, which you can hide and use your actual deal data instead:


    You will be able to easily switch between deals list and dashboard pages with the help of top bar tabs.

    New dashboard has 8 “ready to go” analytics widgets, which you don’t need to be specially configured  and can be used for sales analysis.

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  • How & Why to Build Self-Directed Teams

    Dmitry Davydov 25 May 2015
    A traditionally managed team is a team that a team leader oversees; the team leader will assign goals, help develop projects, and bear the bulk of the decision making and the responsibility. There are varying levels of management, of course; some team leaders will allow and encourage autonomy, while others will manage to the most minute level.

    Self-directed teams, on the other hand, handle most of these traditional leadership responsibilities themselves. A team leader still exists, but takes more of a coach or mentor role, acting as a liaison between the team and the upper administration of the company.
    Are self-directed teams better than traditionally managed teams? It depends; businesses and business needs vary. Some departments, functions, or projects might benefit from a self-directed team, while others may require more oversight and day-to-day direction from a team leader.

    With self-directed teams, the intrinsic motivators of autonomy, challenge, and purpose are built into the very heart of the team. Research shows that self-directed teams produce higher levels of organizational effectiveness, better solutions, and increased levels of productivity and creativity.

  • One of the world's leading experts on business etiquette and communications, Barbara Pachter shares her knowledge through seminars, keynote speaking, executive coaching and various print and digital resources including an e-newsletter and 9 business books covering everything from office tips to assertive communication.
    You wrote an entire book on the subject of business etiquette and it was very well received, judging by Amazon reviewers. So what are the most common mistakes that you see people make regularly and what was the motivation behind writing the book?

    BP: Thank you. The Essentials of Business Etiquette: How to Greet, Eat and Tweet Your Way to Success has been well received as if fills a need for today’s business professional. The workplace has changed greatly over the last five years, including communicating via social media. People need updated information to make sure that their behavior doesn’t offend anyone and, as a result, hurt their careers. Some of the more common mistakes include: not greeting others, shaking hands incorrectly, making inappropriate small talk, being unaware of your negative body language, not looking at individuals, not being a gracious host, dressing inappropriately for work, answering a phone in front of others, using text shortcuts when not appropriate, getting drunk at a business social event, posting offensive pictures or nasty language, criticizing your company on social media, not being aware of cultural differences.

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  • Bitrix24 Tasks Widget for Android

    Yana Prokopets 18 May 2015
    If your team is mobile-friendly & is used to working on the go, then we have a good news for you:  Android users have now a fast and easy way to access Bitrix24 tasks list on their phones - via MyTasks24 - widget developed by our partner HTMLStudio.

    You need to install MyTasks24 app to your Bitrix24 form the Marketplace & MyTasks24 mobile app from Google Play to start using the widget. Our partner has prepared a step by step installation guide .

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  • Six Principles for Handling Email Overload

    Dmitry Davydov 18 May 2015
    Email offers a lot of benefits. It's quick, accessible, and can save a lot of time that would be spent on back-and-forth phone calls or in-person meetings. The problem is that email is overused and misused; the resulting email overload can quickly eliminate all the time saved and cause productivity to plummet.
    To benefit from email and keep it from becoming a burden, follow these six principles.

    Always Filter
    Not all email needs a response, or even a glance; if it's all flooding into your inbox, however, you have to view, decide, and act on every single email, even if that action is just to delete or archive the message. Use filters to set concrete limits on what even makes it into your inbox. For reference-only emails, such as bank statements, set up filters to send the emails to an appropriate folder. For those emails you don't want but can't avoid, like Aunt Judy's weekly update and your boss's endless CCs, se t up a filter and a folder.

    Reduce the Inflow
    Unsubscribing takes a moment or two and can clear a lot of unnecessary clutter from your email life. Use a tool such as to make it even simpler. There's no need for you to keep sorting through the digital equivalent of junk mail. Say no to email notifications from apps and social media; you're going to check in on your social accounts anyway. There's no point in receiving an email about it, too.

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  • How do you move from idea to something real?

    Once your inspiration system is up and running, having plenty of ideas will not be a problem. Now you simply need to have the right processes in place to handle the ideas.

    To decide if an idea is right for development, you need a screening process. Base it on specific criteria, not a subjective feel. Having a "gut instinct" about an idea isn't good enough unless you're Warren Buffet.

    When you've pulled a list of potential ideas from your inspiration system, or your last team meeting, or your employee suggestion box, put them next to the criteria you have in place. Some will fit. Some won't.

    The options for a decisions are few: for each idea, you can hold it, get rid of it, or move forward with it.

    Ideas that don't pass the initial screening are automatically eliminated. The others? Well, you only have so much time, attention, and resources to put into idea development.

    Which of the screened ideas fit best with the current priorities, interests, and capabilities your business has? Choose the best fits for moving forward. Mark the rest for holding and toss them into storage.

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