• Stephen Ankenman 10 December 2013
    For those of us who work in the CRM on a daily basis, we did very well this time around. The last release was extremely important, but if you’re not a mobile type, you didn’t see much change.  

    I’ll start with what is already my favorite new feature – activity streams in the CRM. Streams, not ‘stream’, meaning one main stream that is available as a new section in the CRM interface, and an individual activity stream for each Lead, Contact, Company or Deal. It mimics the main Bitrix24 Activity Stream very much, except that you can post these messages (with files, links, videos and mentions) and comments to CRM objects using the “To” field, not just other users. Don't worry -- CRM contacts and leads will NOT receive this information via email or in any other way. The "To" field here simply appends the message to that record.

    Put other CRM users here as recipients so that they see this note in the main stream, not just in the object’s stream.  


    Note that the task, email, call and meeting buttons (highlighted in the green box) will open up ‘floating’ windows where those various activities can be created – and then added to the appropriate streams.

    CRM users who can see this lead will see its entire activity stream.  You can “Mention” other users to draw their attention to a new note or message about the given CRM object.
    I believe that the biggest advantage of this is that you can put a note, task, or message on any object from a single entry point. However, it is perhaps equally important to note that now can see all these things in a maximally convenient view (the individual stream for each CRM object).


    The other major change is in reports. Reporting is now possible on Leads, Invoices, and Activities. It is important to note that any number of custom reports can be created for any of these objects – just click the “Add Report” button (top right on main report page: bitrix24.com/crm/reports/report/) and choose the type of object for the report. As always, reports can be filtered and edited, copied, or deleted.


    You can now view lead reports by sales manager, status, or source. There are 3 reports for invoices: by manager, by company, and by contact.

    The last report shows Activities by sales agent. This very useful report shows what your sales managers have been doing over a chosen time period.

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