A Stream-Lined Wiki in your Bitrix24

A Stream-Lined Wiki in your Bitrix24
Dmitry Davydov
September 22, 2016
Last updated: September 6, 2019
This is a partner post from MAKE Interactive. Available in self-hosted currently (cloud forth-coming).

The Stream-lined Wiki module presents users with an elegant, sortable, and categorized list of articles. In the example from the images, the module is incorporated as a library for Standard Operating Procedures. There are filters by category and author, and the title and keywords make entries easily searchable from the global search window.


The creation/edit form provides several fields along with the lightweight text editor. Keywords (tags), author, category, creation and modification dates, as well as any number of attachments accompany the entry. Aside from text editing, the toolbar supports links to other entries - the button on the far left with the page icon. Note that the PDF option can be disabled, which in this case is quite useful - ensuring that no copies of outdated SOPs are in circulation. Downloaded PDFs do not include the attachments.


In the example, we have an SOP for restoring a Bitrix website, such as what might happen when a client moves from the cloud service to a self-hosted installation. A live-linked menu is particularly convenient for multi-page entries.


By expanding creation rights to the entire company, the Stream-lined Wiki module can serve as a Knowledge Base that is simple and highly readable when accessing entries or creating them.

If you'd like to customize your Bitrix24 Wiki in a similar matter, please contact Make Interactive directly

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