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  • Collaboration is a big topic in 2016. Many organizations are looking for a better way to work together and they have a lot of questions. Questions like what’s the best collaboration medium? Is it private social network? Or group chat? Or task manager? What is the optimal group size for effective collaboration? Are there any cultural differences? Is email really dead?

    As a top three collaboration platform in the world with over 1,000,000 companies relying on it, Bitrix24 has answers to many of these questions and we are happy to share them with you.

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  • 1. Brand Bitrix24 account with company name & logo:  available for Bitrix24 administrators under Settings > Intranet settings.

    2. Be “back to the future” - set date & time format: option can be found under Settings > Intranet settings.

    3. Reveal secret societies - discover full list of workgroups, even private ones. In order to see the list, administrator should turn on admin mode on the profile page first, and open Workgroups > All Workgroups then.

    4. Fight procrastination - access all users tasks under My Workspace > Tasks > All. There is an option to filter tasks by parameters – responsible person, deadline, project, etc.

  • David Cottrell - best-selling author, award-winning leadership expert, professional speaker. David has walked in leaders’ shoes. With over 30 years of leadership experience in corporate America, David knows firsthand the obstacles, frustrations and issues leaders face. In sales and executive management positions with FedEx and Xerox, he created a legacy of leadership excellence, earning awards and achieving levels that continue to stand out as remarkable.

    You are an internationally known author and speaker on the topic of leadership. Do you think that leadership is something that you can develop? What should an average person do to become a great leader?

    Many people debate whether great leaders are born great or somewhere along the way they develop to become great. I think the debate is silly. No one is born to be a great leader, becoming a great leader is a choice. Some talents are inherited that may make leadership more natural for some than others – like charisma and outgoing personality– but the skills to develop trust and sustain long-term followers is earned by mastering specific skills.

    My new book, The First Two Rules of Leadership: Don’t be Stupid. Don’t Be a Jerk. details how leaders are derailed because they make decisions that are uniformed and treat their team in a way that is considered unfair or without compassion.

  • Unicorns and other inhabitants of business Zootopia

    Yuliya Skorobogatova 6 May 2016

    Unicorn is a buzz word nowadays. Economists study the nature of unicorns, media give detailed instructions on how to become a unicorn and almost all startups want to join a unicorn club. If you are among the lucky ones who could avoid the unicorn fuss in the last couple of years, let me introduce the beast. Unicorn is an admired mythical creature, a symbol of purity and perfection… well according to the common knowledge. In business Unicorn Company is a company that achieved a billion-dollar valuation.
  • 4 Ways To Fight Procrastination Within Your Team

    Yuliya Skorobogatova 28 April 2016
    Do you procrastinate? Surely you do. We all do. There is something in our human nature that makes us put off things that must be done and kill time instead. A Greek poet Hesiod wrote in the poem Works and Days: “Do not put your work off till to-morrow and the day after; for a sluggish worker does not fill his barn, nor one who puts off his work: industry makes work go well, but a man who puts off work is always at handgrips with ruin.” The poem was written in circa 800 BC, almost 3000 years ago!  

    It is difficult to overestimate the negative impact procrastination has on any business. According to Gallup's State of the American Workplace report  seven out of 10 workers in the US say they aren’t fully engaged at work, meaning they aren’t working to their fullest potential. The resulting loss of productivity can cost companies between $450-$500 billion a year. Is there anything to improve the situation? Can you make your employees procrastinate less and be fully engaged in their professional duties? Yes, you can!

    Tags: management, procrastination, productivity
  • Robert F. Brands - innovation practitioner, president and founder of Brands & Company, LLC & innovation coach.

    Your books Robert’s Rules of Innovation and Robert’s Rules of Innovation II: The Art of Implementation are based on the idea that innovation is a necessity for the business nowadays. Can you explain why?

    RB: Innovation is essential, Innovate or Perish…it is all about the Product or Service Life cycle. No matter how well you do, ultimately you will crest and if you don’t Innovate you will perish. Think Kodak film, VHS tapes, even Blockbuster video stores, yahoo for that matter. Ideally you work on building lifecycle upon lifecycle, continues innovation driven by a structured repeatable process.


  • A post from MAKE Interactive, a Bitrix Gold Partner.
    Coordinating Single Sign-On among multiple business software tools is an important feature for users of the Bitrix24 self-hosted version. Even though SSO only saves a small amount of time, it saves time every day for every employee and prevents a great deal of frustration with constant logins and occasional loss of passwords.

    Using SAML, a very convenient bridge can be made from Bitrix24 to other tools in your local environment or to any website that supports SAML. Bitrix24 can receive the user's identity from elsewh ere, such as an ADFS, or act as an Identity Provider itself.

  • 0522c4a9cfe562448f6004ba3da5f19a.png
    The following integration has been created for on premise Bitrix24 editions by Business Software & Solutions. Please contact the partner directly if you are interested in this or similar integrations
    Services: Cloud & Self-Hosted Versions
    Location: Kolkata, India
    Phone: +913324724013

    Integration overview:

    Using this integration you can use SSO login to Bitrix24 and IBM Lotus Notes server.

    You can then create Single Event in Bitrix24 and that gets synchronized with Lotus Notes.  Synchronization of the of IBM Lotus Notes can be of Multiple Events,  with description and multiple participants. The system even works for multi event and multi party event while created in Lotus as well.  At the back end it can have the authentication  from your directory services like Active Directory  or LDAP keeping the same imported credentials.

  • You’ve depended on Gmail for like the past decade, and don’t want any other mail service in your life. But at the same time, you’re also very fond of Bitrix24. Connect24 is the link - or as you may wish, the connecter - between Gmail and Bitrix24 that you’ve been waiting for, for at least a decent part of your life. Try it for free, with unlimited users, right now!

    MAKE Interactive, a long-time Gold level partner of Bitrix, developed this connector as its first app for the Bitrix24 cloud service. With the release of this app, MAKE Interactive is announcing that it Bitrix division, MAKE24 (, will be focusing much more on providing excellent services and consultation to users of Bitrix24 in the cloud, as we have for many years with the self-hosted version of Bitrix24.

    Connect24 is the link between Gmail and Bitrix24 made by people who use both products, just like you. From your Gmail, you can pull up an interface that lets you send the email message that you are viewing to your Bitrix24 CRM as a new Lead or Contact, append it as an email activity to an existing CRM item, or even create a task associated with the Lead or Contact.

  • Gloria Burke is an Industry thought leader and subject matter expert in digital and enterprise social business transformation strategy, knowledge management, culture transformation and related future workplace disciplines. Gloria works closely with senior leadership of Fortune 1000 companies in formulating strategies that enable them to harness the power of emergent technologies to drive collaboration, build differentiating capabilities and deliver game-changing business results in order to meet the demands of a more mobile and agile workforce. Formerly Chief Knowledge Officer of Unisys Corporation, she is a published author and internationally-recognized conference presenter on emergent workplace topics. She has been recognized by Information Week Magazine as #2 in a list of the Top Ten Social Business Leaders of 2013.

    Why are we falling in and out of love with collaboration solutions so quickly?
    GB: Digital technologies are transforming every aspect of how we work. Companies are feeling the pressures of the digital economy and the need to harness technology to improve collaboration, drive innovation and increase market agility. CIOs and CTOs are bombarded by vendors with the next “shiny new thing” that promises to suddenly unlock, empower and engage their employees and deliver untapped value across the enterprise.
    The fundamental issue here is not about the technology. It is about people. Companies need to create an overall collaboration strategy that focuses on change management -- leadership alignment, employee adoption and engagement and effective communications. The concept of “build it and they will come” isn’t going to work. Experience shows us that people may initially come to the platform out of curiosity, but will only stay and continue to engage if they find it valuable. In fact, several industry studies indicate that only 20% of companies that have implemented collaboration platforms have been able to achieve and sustain an employee adoption rate of more than 75%. Those achieving lack-luster results, believe that it is due to the technology failing and are quick to replace it with next new thing, only for it to suffer exactly the same fate.
    There is no doubt that we have to change and embrace digital collaboration, but change is a journey, not a sprint.

  • How to choose the right CRM solution for your business

    Yuliya Skorobogatova 13 April 2016
    Congratulations! If you start thinking about CRM software, it means your business is growing and you need a robust solution to manage sales, marketing and customer support in a more automated and systematic way. Good news, the right CRM will magnify the efficiency of your business operations and encourage further growth.  

    But what is the right CRM solution? There are so many alternatives available; they all offer a wide range of applications and tools to manage customer relations. This article will cover the most important questions you need to consider in order to choose the best CRM solution for your business.

  • Bitrix24 Roadmap for 2016 Unveiled

    Yana Prokopets 13 April 2016
    We would like to thank everyone who attended our Bitrix24 Roadmap for 2016 webinar and provided valuable feedback. We were happy to share our plans for 2016 with our most loyal users and hope you enjoyed the presentation. For those who’ve missed the webinar, you can watch YouTube video recording or slides.

    Your Bitrix24 Team.
  • Employee onboarding – three most critical steps

    Yuliya Skorobogatova 7 April 2016
    New employee onboarding is a comprehensive approach to orienting a new hire. During this process your new employee should not only get all information to function effectively within your team, but also feel welcomed and appreciated. But why do managers care so much about onboarding? According to Aberdeen's onboarding research report, organizations with a standard onboarding process experienced 54% greater new hire productivity, 50% greater new hire retention and two-times the level of new hire engagement.

  • Company Calendar

    A lot of you have asked for and we are happy to announce that Company Calendar is now available in cloud Bitrix24 accounts! This a shared calendar for all company employees that can be found both under Company & My Workspace sidebar menu.

    Account administrators can configure access permissions for users or user groups – e.g. all account users can view company calendar events, but only administrators can edit events or have full access.

  • Gavin Ingham is a keynote & motivational speaker, mental toughness expert and sales top gun.


    In the last decade the approach to sales changed significantly. What are the biggest challenges sales reps have to deal with today?

    GI: Without doubt the biggest change facing salespeople today is the availability of information. Clients today are far more fully researched and have access to far more information prior to even meeting salespeople. The days of "show up and throw up" are well and truly over; thankfully. Turning up at your clients business and regurgitating facts about your business and your products is not enough to engage or interest clients. Salespeople need to be far more fully briefed and prepared and need to have multiple ways of adding value for clients.

    A bit like society the sales profession is skewing into "haves" and "have nots". It has long been stated that 20% of salespeople bring in 80% of the sales but recent research would suggest that this figure has moved and an even smaller number of salespeople bring in even more of the sales. I believe that this comes down to who understands the new economy and who does not. Those who realise that they have to be inventive and go the extra mile to add value are incredibly successful. This does mean, however, that the majority of salespeople are now struggling to hit targets and make sales.

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