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  • Company Calendar

    A lot of you have asked for and we are happy to announce that Company Calendar is now available in cloud Bitrix24 accounts! This a shared calendar for all company employees that can be found both under Company & My Workspace sidebar menu.

    Account administrators can configure access permissions for users or user groups – e.g. all account users can view company calendar events, but only administrators can edit events or have full access.

  • Gavin Ingham is a keynote & motivational speaker, mental toughness expert and sales top gun.


    In the last decade the approach to sales changed significantly. What are the biggest challenges sales reps have to deal with today?

    GI: Without doubt the biggest change facing salespeople today is the availability of information. Clients today are far more fully researched and have access to far more information prior to even meeting salespeople. The days of "show up and throw up" are well and truly over; thankfully. Turning up at your clients business and regurgitating facts about your business and your products is not enough to engage or interest clients. Salespeople need to be far more fully briefed and prepared and need to have multiple ways of adding value for clients.

    A bit like society the sales profession is skewing into "haves" and "have nots". It has long been stated that 20% of salespeople bring in 80% of the sales but recent research would suggest that this figure has moved and an even smaller number of salespeople bring in even more of the sales. I believe that this comes down to who understands the new economy and who does not. Those who realise that they have to be inventive and go the extra mile to add value are incredibly successful. This does mean, however, that the majority of salespeople are now struggling to hit targets and make sales.

  • Three Psychology Hacks To Boost Your Sales

    Yana Prokopets 31 March 2016
    The Paradox of Choice

    Have you ever found yourself in front of the supermarket shelf overwhelmed by a great variety of goods? Even buying something as simple as yogurt can be a tricky task. What should you consider: the brand, ingredients or the fat content? Should you pick the first at hand? Numerous studies in supermarkets show that the more varieties you offer a customer the less likely they are to buy anything.

    In a memorable jam study conducted by Mark Lepper and Sheena Iyengar only 3% of customers purchased jam when they were given 24 varieties to choose from. Curiously, 30% of those who could choose from only 6 different jams decided to make a purchase.

    Choice paralysis is a well-known problem in both retail and ecommerce. There are several strategies to overcome it. The most obvious one is to reduce the number of alternatives. Less is more and the findings prove it. The second strategy is a clear differentiation of your choices. Make sure the shoppers know that A is the healthiest option; B is the cheapest, while C is the only one produced locally. The final tip is to suggest customers the goods they might be interested in. Give them some additional information (bestsellers, staff’s choice, etc.) to make the process of decision making easier.

  • Welcome a new chat app for Bitrix24 - CRMbot - an easy way to interact with your CRM. You can use it to generate instant reports and interact with your CRM in a new format.


  • How To Create Tasks From Email In Bitrix24

    Yana Prokopets 28 March 2016
    Now tasks can be quickly created in Bitrix24 by forwarding an email to a special email address.

    This feature is available to all Bitrix24 users regardless of which plan they currently use. Typically, a person would create a task for himself/herself by forwarding email message, however, if you share the email address with others, they will be able to create new task for you by sending email message to that address.

    How Email To Task option works

    The special email address can be found in Bitrix24 user profile page – “To create a task”:

    You can use this address to email tasks for yourself or share it with your coworkers, partners or clients to set tasks for you.

  • 09a2393bb3263c1b136483be493e0652.jpg
    “One old friend is better than two new ones” we say to appreciate the loyalty of our old friends. This is also true for old customers, even if they are not engaged with your business anymore. The cost of a new customer acquisition is much higher than the cost to retain an old one. Unfortunately companies make so many efforts to get new clients that the old ones are often left neglected. This failure causes customer churn and consequently the loss of profit.

    There are many reasons why customers may give up on your business. You can do very little if they are no longer interested in your particular kind of goods or services. But if your customers choose your competitors over you, there are various tactics to win them back. As email campaigns are the easiest way to re-establish a connection with your former clients, here are 3 simple email ideas that always work:

  • New Tasks In Bitrix24

    Yana Prokopets 22 March 2016
    As many of you have probably noticed, the new Tasks form has recently changed its design. Now tasks can be created with simple or extended forms, and the task creation form interface can be personalized itself.

    Simple task form  - a quick way to create tasks on the go: just type task name and click “Enter”:

    Deadline, responsible person, related project or description can be added in the  quick task form as well:

    Extended task form – now all tasks settings are hidden under the “More” bar and only required task fields are shown to the user when the form is opened: task name, description, deadline, involved users.  If you want to focus on the most important tasks in future, mark new tasks with “high priority” option.  

  • Knowledge Base App For Bitrix24

    Yana Prokopets 22 March 2016
    A new way to create knowledge base inside your Bitrix24 account - Knowledge Base app is already available in Bitrix24 Marketplace.  Structure information by sections & articles & store it inside your Bitrix24.

    Set access permissions for the app under Marketplace > My apps > Knowledge Base app > set permissions, and you will able to share knowledge with others: articles, internal regulations, user manuals, FAQ or any other type of information.
  • Bitrix24 Integrates With Office 365

    Yana Prokopets 18 March 2016
    If Office 365 is among your team's favorites, you may find this update really helpful. Here we present 3 new extremely handy options:

    1. Office 365 authorization to your Bitrix24 account: log in to your Office 365 account inside Bitrix24 just once & you'll be able to authorize to your Bitrix24 easy via Office 365 tab. Get rid of multiple passwords & logins!

    2. View documents using Office 365 by default: a new option in the Intranet Settings specially designed in order to se t Office 365, Google Docs or Google Viewer to be used in your Bitrix24 by default. Once the method is chosen your collaboration on documents made easy, all files will be always opened by the selected viewer.

  • 1,000,000 Companies Are Now With Bitrix24

    Yana Prokopets 17 March 2016

    Today is a special day for the Bitrix24 team. We’ve crossed the 1,000,000 company signups mark. This means that over 6,500,000 people took Bitrix24 for a spin since the service was launched four years ago on April 12, 2012. We now have TEN different sites to better serve Bitrix24 users in 225 countries and territories –, .de, .es, .ru, .in,, .eu, .cn, .by and .kz.

    So yes, this accomplishment makes us really proud. If you want to congratulate us or tell your friends how awesome Bitrix24 is, we’ll be monitoring social media today to give a special prize or two for the most creative shout-outs!
  • 14df00ad3e48c92a01986dac244da55d.png

    1. Сallback form

    Callback request forms are nothing new. Phone is a perfect medium to have your questions quickly answered. But many prospects are cautious about leaving their phone number because they are afraid of hard sell. A new generation of callback solutions is smart – they analyze visitor behavior and engagement (generally measured by visiting multiple pages and spending over two minutes) before displaying a callback popup screen. Typically, the screen says something like ‘You are welcome to keep reading information available on our website. But if you are busy, our consultant can call you back within the next 3-5 minutes and answer your questions about our CRM’. This is a win-win situation. You get a phone number and a chance to convert a prospect into a client, while the person on the other side of the screen gets a chance to talk to a real human being and get his questions answered quickly.

  • 581b78bf64af3c728b36f1e8d357ea48.jpg

    As one of the fastest growing social collaboration platforms we regularly receive journalist inquiries who’d like to learn more about our product and the companies who use it. As per our privacy policy we don’t release any information about our clients, unless they explicitly agreed to it.

    Most recently, a correspondent from Vedomosti, which is a joint venture of Dow Jones and the Financial Times in Russia, contacted us with the request to talk to several mid size companies from North America, Europe and Asia that use Bitrix24.

    If you’d like to be interviewed by this and other journalists about your experience using Bitrix24, please fill out this case study questionnaire and send your answers to We’ll forward your contact details to reporters who write about social collaboration tools in general and Bitrix24 in particular.

    1. Company name, country of residence.
    2. Number of employees, industry.
    3. How long have you been using Bitrix24 for?
    4. How are you using Bitrix24 in your company (be as thorough as possible)?
    5. What are your favorite Bitrix24 features? Why?
    6. How did Bitrix24 impact your/your company productivity? Please share any hard figures if you have them.
    7. Did you use any collaboration software prior to switching to Bitrix24? Please share your experiences.
    8. Please provide an email address and a phone number for a contact person in your company.
  • Bring the whole team on board easily with new Bitrix24 invitation options. Share links for your Bitrix24 intranet with your future employees, freelancers, society members, partners, clients, etc., they will be able to join your Bitrix24 within few quick steps!

    You have probably noticed a new "Quick registration" option under "Invite" users menu in your Bitrix24. There are 3 new options available for Bitrix24 quick registration:

    - Public: if you have an open type of community or society where everyone is welcome to join and no confirmation is demanded, you can choose "public" registration option, which will allow any user who has registration link to your account to join your Bitrix24 without any actions required from your side. This type of registration is created mostly for open communities such as non-business entities – NGOs, associations, clubs, volunteers, communities, coops, homeowner associations, churches, alumni groups, etc.

    - Private: users will be able to request registration to your Bitrix24 and join it after confirmation from Bitrix24 administrator.

    - Private with no confirmation required for users with particular approved mail domain names: Bitrix24 administrators can add mail domain names condition which will allow users with such  approved email addresses to join Bitrix24 by quick registration link (no confirmation of Bitrix24 administrator is required).

  • Bitrix24 Is Now Free For Unlimited Users

    Yana Prokopets 3 March 2016
    Yes, we’ve finally done it. Bitrix24 is now absolutely free for unlimited users. This means that you can have as many people inside your free Bitrix24 account as you want. All communication and collaboration tools (activity stream, workgroups, IM and group chats, email, telephony, mobile, employee directory, company structure) will be available to everyone without any limitations, other than 5GB for online storage space allocated for free accounts.

  • Christine K. Clifford, CSP is the author of nine books including Let’s Close a Deal! Turn Contacts Into Paying Customers for Your Company, Product, Service or Cause and  YOU, Inc. The Art of Selling Yourself. She is CEO/President of Christine Clifford Enterprises and The Cancer Club, helping companies and individuals craft their story and designs “knock your socks off” Media Kits for companies, individuals and entertainers.

    Let’s start with a basic question – what are the biggest negotiation mistakes that novices make?

    The biggest mistake made by most sales people—both new and old—is thinking of a sale in terms of “What’s in it for you, and what’s in it for me?” I call this the typical “Win-Win” situation. Rather, a sale always has a third party beneficiary: your company, your family, a charitable organizations, etc. So instead, look at the sale as, “What’s in it for three?” I call this the Win-Win-Win. If you keep in mind all parties involved, you have a much greater chance of success.

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