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Boost Your On-Premise SMTP

Boost Your On-Premise SMTP
Diana Hilsdon
September 10, 2020
Last updated: October 2, 2020

Now you can connect an unlimited number of mailboxes to the On-Premise version of Bitrix24!

Bitrix24 users may find that they have trouble connecting their own mailbox to Bitrix24 when they first begin working with the On-Premise edition or after migrating from the Cloud version. In Cloud accounts, connecting an inbox tends to be pretty straightforward, but when attempting to do the same in the On-Premise version, users may run into some issues. The truth is that there aren’t any real problems here: it all comes down to the fact that SMTP protocols work differently in Cloud and On-Premise versions.

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is responsible for sending and receiving messages in Bitrix24. These include not only emails, but also employee invitations, notifications, and more. In the Cloud version, Bitrix24’s SMTP server is configured to work for a wide range of users and allows you to connect any mailbox with any domain name to the cloud portal.

The SMTP in the On-Premise version, however, is a whole different story. As this is your own exclusive server (not a cloud one), you need to configure it according to your company’s needs. At first, the server is configured to the domain name of the mail service to which the portal is registered. For example, if this is a account, you will be able to connect other mailboxes of this service to your portal. However, you won’t be able to use a mailbox on – or any other domain – without additional settings. You will first need to configure the SMTP server.

Avivi developers have created a special module that allows you to boost SMTP abilities for any On-Premise edition of Bitrix24. Thanks to this module, users will no longer need to configure a server for each new domain name — the module does everything for you and allows you to connect an unlimited number of different mail services to the portal. Note that this is not a customization of Bitrix24’s kernel, so the module does not violate the system security. Moreover, it works even after On-Premise Edition updates. As a result, this SMTP module will once and for all solve any previous issues with mail and messages in Bitrix24. To configure the module, please contact our Bitrix24 Partners — Avivi.

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