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Passwork App For Bitrix24 - Password Manager For Companies & IT Professionals

Passwork App For Bitrix24 - Password Manager For Companies & IT Professionals
Bitrix24 Team
August 25, 2015
Last updated: July 16, 2019

Meet new Bitrix24 Marketplace app - Passwork - password manager for companies and IT professionals. The app helps to increase company IT-security, reduces costs and hidden risks of password management.

Company passwords are under control

Passwork simplifies and streamlines work with passwords in a company.
Employees will never lose passwords, they can securely store and share them.
Company administrators manage and track passwords access.

General Features:

  • Made for companies and professionals but ready for personal usage as well.
  • Advanced security. You encrypt, we store Data can never be decrypted on our servers. Passwork can be hosted on your servers.
  • Agile user access management . Company manages the passwords but not the employees.
  • Tracking history of password use. Updates notifications, grants access, and shows history.
  • Advanced features for collaboration with protected passwords. Secure one-time links, allow sharing by email with anyone, facilitates working in groups.
  • Algorithms are open. Passwork is clear and transparent.
  • Public API for general features. Get integrated or develop your own Passwork client.
  • Available on any platform. Web site, browser, desktop and mobile apps.

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