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Sales Scripts Designer - Bitrix24 Marketplace App
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Vlad Kovalskiy
October 5, 2015
Last updated: April 5, 2023
Sales Scripts Designer - Bitrix24 Marketplace App
Sales scripts designer is a new Bitrix24 Marketplace app developed by our partner that can help you increase sales with the help of sales scripts.
This app is directly integrated with Bitrix24 CRM: information about the customer and/or the company you are calling is inserted automatically inside the text of the script and can be edited, if necessary.


Using this app can help your team to get organized while working with sales calls:
  • Say the right things to the right people
  • Won’t forget to ask the right questions
  • Overcome objections effectively
  • Have full information about each client
  • Learn the app quickly
  • Sell more

The app allows to create scripts for both with incoming and outgoing calls.

The amount of scripts is unlimited and your employees will be able to easily access the script designed for the appropriate scenario or situation.

The scripts are created and managed in a convenient tree-like form.


The app developer website. For the app support please email our partner directly.

Bitrix24 CRM is closely integrated with Telephony, you can use VoiP telephony inside Bitrix24 or connect your own PBX. Bitrix24 Telephony overview.

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