10 New Bitrix24 Features You Absolutely Have To Try

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Vlad Kovalskiy
December 27, 2017
Last updated: April 5, 2023
10 New Bitrix24 Features You Absolutely Have To Try
Bitrix24 updates in 2017 were marked by the release of many new and exciting features and enhancements. Obviously, we can’t mention every new tool introduced to your Bitrix24 accounts in 2017, so we compiled a list of top 10 that we are especially proud of.
Some of these remarkable tools are available only in premium plans. However, we really want you to try them. Even if you have already activated your free 15-day trial, you can go to the Subscription tab and get free access to premium features for a month again.

1. New slider CRM panel

We’ve completely redesigned our CRM interface and made it simpler and more powerful at the same time. Now you can send and receive emails, take audio notes via the visit tracker, make phone calls and listen to call recordings in one place. You can watch a new Bitrix24 CRM demo here

2. Free landing pages and websites connected to your CRM

You can now create landing pages and even entire websites directly from inside your Bitrix24 account. These web pages are fully integrated with our website forms, customer live chat, social networks, messengers, email marketing and sales automation tools. The best thing is that you can create an unlimited number of pages with unlimited bandwidth for free! Check it out for yourself.

3. New marketing automation

Lead capturing and nurturing, email sequences, automatic lead distribution, rule-based lead and deal status change, automatic CRM record deletion, Facebook Lead Ads and the long-awaited WAIT rule (no pun intended) are now at your disposal. A complete guide to our marketing automation tools you will find in our helpdesk article.

4. Kanban, Kanban everywhere

After introducing Kanban boards to our CRM, we’ve added them to our tasks and projects as well. Yep, just like you wanted, Workgroups and Projects are now separate in Bitrix24. What’s more, we’ve given each Bitrix24 user a personal Kanban task planner! Pretty cool, isn’t it?

5. Awesome new calendar

We really wanted to meet the new year with the new calendars in Bitrix24 and we’ve done it! We didn’t just change the look and introduced slider interface, we’ve added a new Schedule view for those who have multiple appointments on a daily basis. We’d love to hear your feedback about new calendars, since it’s a work in progress.

6. IVR, automatic dialer, SMS marketing and call transcription

Now you can create multilevel interactive voice response menus, create call lists for automatic dialing and use Google’s speech recognition engine to convert mp3 call recordings to text. Don’t forget about sending SMS to clients from CRM or sending text messages automatically in bulk via marketing automation module.

7. A ton of new integrations

Our partners have been busy creating new marketplace apps and integrations. Quickbooks, Freshbooks, RingCentral, Plivo, Lox, Asterisk, 3CX, Stripe, Braintree, PayPal integrations, migration apps for Zoho and Pipedrive have been added to our marketplace. Make sure you stop by, because many cool features, like importing tasks from Excel are only available via marketplace apps.

8. New open channels

If you use Bitrix24 as your customer support and contact center, you’ve noticed how many new features have been added to your Open Channels. Customer ratings and canned replies are our favorites!

9. Sales targets in CRM

Sales quotas and targets are now available to you inside Bitrix24 CRM. Set those for an individual agent, pipelines or your entire company.

10. Custom themes and custom menus

Last but not least, you can now change Bitrix24 look and customize menu not only for yourself but for all other users in your account as well. Of course, you have to be an admin to do that, but it’s very easy.

And while you are fulfilling New Year’s resolutions and trying our new tools, our quality assurance team is busy testing the new Bitrix24 CRM Marketing module. Among many other things, static and dynamic segments, email open rates and advertising campaigns are coming to your Bitrix24 accounts in 2018!

We wish you a very successful year ahead!

Your Bitrix24 team

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Table of Content
1. New slider CRM panel 2. Free landing pages and websites connected to your CRM 3. New marketing automation 4. Kanban, Kanban everywhere 5. Awesome new calendar 6. IVR, automatic dialer, SMS marketing and call transcription 7. A ton of new integrations 8. New open channels 9. Sales targets in CRM 10. Custom themes and custom menus
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