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Updates in Bitrix24 Mobile and Desktop App

Updates in Bitrix24 Mobile and Desktop App
Bitrix24 Team
March 18, 2014
Last updated: August 31, 2021

Updated design in Bitrix24 Desktop App – convenient left-column menu

We have revamped the look of the app – now all actions which were in the upper part of the app interface are in the menu on the left.


We are getting used to the left-hand menu in the browser version, so it seemed that the app should echo that interface layout. All sections: messages, notifications, calls, drive, and settings are available in a single click.

Floating window for video calls

Now you can reduce the desktop app during a call without losing the view of your interlocutor, so you can keep working in your browser during your call.

If you need to mute your microphone or end the call, you don’t need to re-open the window, there are buttons in the mini-window to do this.


So now you can work in the intranet, look up documents, view tasks, and whatever else while carrying on a video call.

This mini window can be placed wherever you need it on your screen.

If your application does not have these features, check the version of your Bitrix24 Desktop App and run updates if needed.

Download Bitrix24 Desktop App now for your Mac or Windows.

Mobile app

Special attention has been paid in this update to the Android app. Several technical features have changed, and the app is now more stable and quicker.

Additionally, the activity stream in the mobile app (both iOS and Android) now have the ability to add posts to favorites. Important messages can be marked in the corner, like in the browser version, and they will show up in the favorites section.

And of course, you can choose the favorites section with a button in the activity stream.


The visual changes in this update are minimal, but the speed and stability will be noticeable. We are very interested in your opinions and comments about the app, so please let us know what you think!

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