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Bitrix24 Installation Manual

Bitrix24 Installation Manual
Dmitry Davydov
April 2, 2014
Last updated: December 30, 2020
As you probably know, Bitrix24 is available both in cloud and on premise (self-hosted) editions. In fact, you can migrate from the cloud to your own server any time you want – here’s how.

There are three major advantages the self hosted versions of Bitrix24 have over cloud ones. First, you get extra tools, like helpdesk and eLearning. Second, because the data is stored on your own server, you have 100% control over it. Third, you get Bitrix24 source code, so you can modify, customize and integrate Bitrix24 with other tools pretty much as you please, provided you have qualified PHP programmers working for you.

Bitrix24 installation manual covers the following topics:

  • system and server requirements
  • how to configure Bitrix Web Environment
  • how to register Bitrix24
  • how to install updates
  • configuring IIS for work with the system
  • how to back up and restore data in Bitrix24
  • Bitrix Virtual Appliance
  • how to configure server
  • common problems with servers and databases, and how to fix them
  • how to set up document search
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