Bitrix24 Mobile App Update

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Vlad Kovalskiy
May 7, 2018
Last updated: December 15, 2020
Bitrix24 Mobile App Update
We've released a big mobile app update! Here is a list of new features:

New file uploader

You can upload up to 10 files at once (pictures, videos, documents, etc.). Upload time will pleasantly surprise you, thanks to the file compression algorithm. Also, you can cancel the file upload. In previous app versions, you could only delete the file after its upload.

Creating a chat in Bitrix24 mobile app

You could create a new chat in Bitrix24 desktop app or Bitrix24 web version. Now you can do that in Bitrix24 mobile app too! Just tap + at the upper right corner, select a chat type (public or private) and invite users.

new chat.png

Adding chat members

Adding chat members is easier now! Search by name, position and department. Or add the entire department to the chat.

Transferring messages between open channels

Just tap Transfer button when you get a message and choose the other open channel. The more you use a particular open channel, the higher it is on the list. Also, you can transfer messages between open channels in Bitrix24 desktop app and Bitrix24 web version.

Unread messages

When you get an important message and think that you may forget about it, just mark it as unread and read it later.

Chat participants

If you are the chat owner, you can remove participants or set a new owner. Just go to Participants section of the chat and swipe the participant's name to the left.

Extranet chat participants

Extranet users are displayed in the chat participants section. Tap on the user's name to open their profile page.

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New file uploader Creating a chat in Bitrix24 mobile app Adding chat members Transferring messages between open channels Unread messages Chat participants Extranet chat participants
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