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Bitrix24 Release Presentation

Bitrix24 Release Presentation
Oksana Bednenko
June 2, 2020
Last updated: June 15, 2020
Dear Bitrix24 users,

The business landscape has changed, and companies have been forced to adapt to a new environment. The undertow has swept all of our boats out to sea – and it feels like we’ve been left all alone in troubled waters.

But you’re not alone, and now is exactly the best time to push forward. Pull on your oars and let’s turn the tide – together.

We're releasing one of the most comprehensive updates of our platform, with a strong focus on features that businesses are urgently in need of.

Join us on June 26th at 11 AM EST to see your new Bitrix24 in action.

For more information and registration, please visit this page.

See you there!
Your Bitrix24 team
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Bitrix24 is a place where everyone can communicate, collaborate on tasks and projects, manage clients and do much more.
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