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Important notice about email synchronization and duplicate email storage in your Bitrix24 account

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Vlad Kovalskiy
April 19, 2019
Last updated: April 19, 2019
Important notice about email synchronization and duplicate email storage in your Bitrix24 account
Dear Bitrix24 user!
As you know, we’ve recently celebrated the 5 million signup mark, which makes Bitrix24 one of the most popular SaaS in the world. Because so many companies and individuals rely on us for fast and uninterrupted service, we continuously monitor and optimize our online infrastructure.
The recently introduced webmail feature has taken off like a rocket, which in turn added a significant load on our server infrastructure and forced us to make some difficult decisions. That’s why we’ve decided to no longer offer our email service to free account users and set limits for our commercial plans as well. The changes will take place on or around May 1.
All free accounts, old and new, will stop synchronizing emails between Bitrix24 and connected email accounts. We will keep all emails attached to CRM records and tasks indefinitely to ensure uninterrupted operations, deleting the rest of the synced email duplicates. IMPORTANT: only the copies of emails stored inside Bitrix24 will be deleted. The originals (be they inside Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo! or any other email service you synchronized Bitrix24 with) will NOT be affected inside those services.
All commercial accounts will still be able to have two-way synchronization between Bitrix24 and their email services. Likewise, all emails attached to CRM records and tasks will be stored indefinitely. However, the temporary storage of synced email duplicates that aren’t bound to any entities inside Bitrix24 will be limited to 30 days for CRM+ users, 60 days for Standard user and 90 days for Professional users. If you are using our NFR license, the temporary storage for all unattached email duplicates inside Bitrix24 will be set at 90 days and 30 days for Demo accounts.

Here’s a quick cheat sheet for Bitrix24 email settings after May 1:

Two-way email sync between Bitrix24 and your email service
  • Free accounts – NO
  • Paid accounts – YES
Storage of emails attached to CRM records or tasks inside Bitrix24
  • Free accounts – NOT AFFECTED
  • Paid accounts – NOT AFFECTED
Temporary storage of email duplicates inside Bitrix24 not attached to CRM records or tasks
  • Free accounts – 0 DAYS
  • CRM+ or Demo accounts – 30 DAYS
  • Standard accounts – 60 DAYS
  • Professional or NFR accounts – 90 DAYS
Thank you
Your Bitrix24 team.
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