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MailChimp Integration Module By YouNet SI

MailChimp Integration Module By YouNet SI
Yuliya Skorobogatova
February 9, 2018
Last updated: February 7, 2020
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If you use Bitrix24 on-premise, we encourage you to try a new MailChimp Integration module, developed by YouNet SI, one of the leading Bitrix24 partners in Vietnam & S.E.A.

The Newsletter MailChimp Integration module allows Bitrix24 users to take full advantage of all MailChimp newsletter functions directly from their Bitrix24 system interface.

The installed module will help businesses greatly improve the efficiency of email marketing campaigns by:
  • Reducing email blacklist/spam rate
  • Mass email marketing campaigns optimization
  • Managing subscribers effectively
  • Reports & analytics tools

You can find more information about this module on YouNet Si blog. If you have any questions or interested in installing the module please contact YouNet Si directly.
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