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MAKE PAGES: Content Creation, Wiki, ISO Compliance & More

MAKE PAGES: Content Creation, Wiki, ISO Compliance & More
Bitrix24 Team
December 27, 2017
Last updated: December 15, 2020

This is a partner post from MAKE Interactive. Available in self-hosted currently.

MAKE Pages is an add-in for your on premised (self-hosted) Bitrix24 for user-driven content creation. Using the simple categories and page creation, you can create content that is easily navigated, fully indexed by the global search, and categorized. Note that it is not available in the cloud version of Bitrix24.

In practice, the functionality of MAKE Pages can perform any (or all) of the following duties in your intranet:

  • Wiki. Content divides into categories and searchable, has internal linking and other wiki-type features. Regular users can make content without access to the Bitrix24 Control Panel.

  • Standard Procedures / Formal Documentation: standard operating procedures, policies, by-laws, or rules of conduct can be officially documented along with a history of changes. This add-in was originally developed to provide ISO compliance.

  • Department content: Departments of your company can have their own page complete with display (from the Company Structure) of the department personnel. Department pages can feature document downloads and other content on the page(s).

In practice, there are 2 types of content in MAKE Pages. Landing pages, for example the department page above, which can provide a variety of data from a few different sources. Document pages such as the Lunch page in the above image have a rich HTML editor, support internal and external links, and have an option to be downloaded as a PDF.

Navigation inside the MAKE Pages section of the portal is straightforward, with a category and subcategory system that goes 3 levels deep with any number of items at each level. Text, titles, and tags are all indexed by the global search, so content is readily available at all time.

A fully-functional trial of the add-in can be requested at A short video of the add-in is available here.

MAKE Interactive has been a gold level partner of Bitrix since 2010 offering high-quality customization and implementation of projects based on Bitrix24.
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