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Meet Your New Bitrix24 – Bitrix24 Hong Kong Presentation (Plus Spanish, Portuguese Versions)

Meet Your New Bitrix24 – Bitrix24 Hong Kong Presentation (Plus Spanish, Portuguese Versions)
Dmitry Davydov
May 23, 2018
Last updated: March 30, 2020

Today we’ve introduced the new version of Bitrix24 called Hong Kong. This was a very extensive release with several dozen new features added. If you did not attend our online presentation, here’s an hour long recording of the webinar.

For those too busy to watch the entire presentation, here are the highlights of the release:

  1. GDPR compliance information for Bitrix24 users from the European Union

  2. Print option for any Bitrix24 page, including Gantt charts

  3. New mobile app for iOS and Android

  4. New desktop application for Windows and Mac, elastic drive and CRM drive

  5. Updated business process designer

  6. Automation for tasks

  7. Tasks between Bitrix24 accounts

  8. New Bitrix24 contact center

  9. New Bitrix24.Mail

  10. Updated open channels, widget and reports

  11. New rules and triggers for CRM automation

  12. Repeat leads and deals inside CRM, Sales Boost feature

  13. Appointment scheduling and resource booking inside CRM

  14. New document builder for CRM

  15. Online stores inside Bitrix24 (cloud ecommerce platform)

For details about each feature and availability dates, please watch the recorded presentation. We'd appreciate if you share the news about the release with your friends and colleagues inside your Bitrix24 accounts as well as via Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

P.S. We've also recorded this presentation in Spanish and Portuguese for our clients from Spain, Portugal and Latin America.
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