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New Bitrix24 Access Log Feature

Yana Prokopets
April 27, 2017
Last updated: October 18, 2019
If you are a Bitrix24 Plus, Standard or Professional user with administrative rights, you are now able to access Event Log in your account settings. This means that you can see who has logged into your Bitrix24 account, when, and from which IP address. You can also use filters in order to see access logs for selected Bitrix24 user(s).

Why is this feature important? First, if you don’t have IP restriction enabled, you are able to see if your employees are accessing Bitrix24 from office or other places. The login time is also important in order to identify suspicious activity or employees who are chronically late. Finally, access log is indispensable for conflict resolution, should any legal issues arise.


In the future, the Event log feature will be expanded, journaling actual activities inside Bitrix24 account in addition.

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