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New Bitrix24 Unveiled (Year 2015)

New Bitrix24 Unveiled (Year 2015)
Dmitry Davydov
December 11, 2015
Last updated: August 17, 2019
If you've missed our Meet Your New Bitrix24 online presentation, here are the recording.

For those too busy to watch the hour long presentation, the new features include:
  • Ability to add email recipients to activity stream posts
  • Tasks to email, email to tasks
  • Email to chat
  • New Bitrix24 instant messenger
  • New Bitrix24 CRM
  • New mobile CRM
  • Bitrix24.Softphone
  • Gantt chart with dependencies
  • New task reminder options
  • Restrict task scheduling to work days and work hours
  • New mobile tasks
  • New push notifications
  • Collaboration between users with different Bitrix24 accounts
  • New pricing and discounts
These new features will be gradually added to your Bitrix24 accounts starting next week over the period of next two months.

Thank you for staying a loyal Bitrix24 user.

Your Bitrix24 Team.

P.S. Our Brazilian partner has translated presentation slides to Portuguese.
P.P.S. Presentation slides in German.

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