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New Bitrix24 Webmail Is Out (And It’s Amazing)

New Bitrix24 Webmail Is Out (And It’s Amazing)
Bitrix24 Team
October 31, 2018
Last updated: February 24, 2022

If you didn’t get a chance to try new Bitrix24 webmail yet, you should. Prepare to get impressed.

First, you can connect ANY email address to Bitrix24 and it doesn’t cost you a penny. Second, you can connect multiple email addresses for a single Bitrix24 user and create shared email inboxes, like, which are accessible by multiple Bitrix24 users (you set permission rights yourself).

Once your webmail is connected, your email and CRM are automatically synced both ways. You can easily convert any incoming email into CRM lead with a click of a button.

Second, you can convert any email into tasks as well. Third, can schedule events in Bitrix24 calendars directly from your email. Finally, you can discuss any email in Bitrix24 chat as well.

Additional information is available in this helpdesk article.
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