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Searching and filtering in Bitrix24 (Year 2013)

Searching and filtering in Bitrix24 (Year 2013)
Bitrix24 Team
February 14, 2013
Last updated: December 30, 2020
Bitrix24 has several tools with search functionality:

  • Global search
  • Filtering
  • Activity stream filter
  • Search in groups
  • Employee search

Global search

A global search box is provided at the top of each page of B24, where various intranet objects can be searched: users, documents, CRM elements, tasks, groups, conversations, etc.


When you start typing, the system offers suggestions by category.


Filter is performed in the right-hand side of pages like Shared Documents and any list in the CRM. The fields by which filtering can be performed correspond to items in the list:


Some forms have preset filters, as in this example.
You can create your own filters by putting parameters into various fields, and you can also create your own preset filters.

Activity Stream filter

The Activity Stream has a filter which lets you sort event types:


  • All – all events, messages, or posts to which the user has access;
  • Work – all work events – reports, tasks, comments on tasks, etc.;
  • Bookmarks – events which the user marks to be placed in this section;
  • My Activity – events which were initiated by the user;
  • Filter – this displays a filter into which desired parameters can be placed.
The filter allows searching by author, group, and/or date:


Choosing an Author will result in all posts or comments of that user being shown.

Search in groups

Each workgroup has a search field which covers only that group:


When a search query is entered, a window opens with search results and additional filtration options: a tag cloud and advanced search with date parameters and specification of group features to search (files, tasks, etc.).

Detailed information about search in document libraries can be found here.


Employee Search

The page: Company > Employees contains a list of employees of the company and provides search among four categories (employees, extranet users, inactive profiles, and invited persons).


Each entry in the list includes an online indicator, identifies administrator or supervisor status, and has a quick-launch action button next to the employee’s name.

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