Top 10 New Bitrix24 Features You Absolutely Must Try in 2019

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Vlad Kovalskiy
January 10, 2019
Last updated: April 5, 2023
Top 10 New Bitrix24 Features You Absolutely Must Try in 2019

There were lots of new, useful tools introduced by Bitrix24 in 2018. Our team was working hard to bring you the features that would enhance your business and make your life easier. Here’s a list of the top 10 Bitrix24 features our users loved the most in 2018.

Before we show you these amazing tools, we want to point out that some of them are exclusive and available only in the commercial plans. As we are sure that all of these ten tools will significantly improve your productivity, we strongly recommend activating your 15-day free trial and test these amazing features for free!

1. Task Automation

Improvements in task automation rules in 2018 led to a more useful task organization and powerful control. This is especially valuable for large projects. Our enhanced task automation service enables sending and receiving automatic notifications, fast and easy deadline follow up and keeping up with the project modifications and changes. Now you can use the Almost overdue alert system to notify your coworkers in time, and many more. Check out the full list of the benefits of this amazing feature.

2. Bitrix24 Webmail

New features, including connecting multiple addresses to your Bitrix24 account, facilitated working with several accounts and users. This implies that shared email inboxes can be accessed by more people, through the advanced access permission system. Bitrix24 Webmail is especially useful for corporations and team members. In addition, you can route emails from existing clients to assigned CRM managers. Similarly, Bitrix24 Webmail allows you to convert emails to tasks. This feature truly saves your precious time and energy. You must check these impressive features!

3. CRM Document Builder

Imagine if you could create service agreements, contracts, purchase orders, NDAs, shipping manifests, waybills, bills of lading, and more through a single document builder inside CRM! It’s possible with the new Bitrix24 CRM document builder! The Free plan allows up to 100 documents, while the Commercial plan has an unlimited number of documents. A complete guide to this amazing feature can be found here.

4. New Contact Center

Accessing your mail, telephony, website widgets, website forms, callback and open channels was never easier. The new contact center gathers all communication channels in one place. With the new Contact center, you will never again lose your precious time looking for a lead or a contact. In addition, professional users will adore the Facebook Lead Ads feature. Your new leads are now automatically connected to your contact center! How convenient is that?

5. Bitrix24.Store

Creating an online store used to be real know-how. It took time and special skills. After we introduced the Bitrix24.Store in 2018, you can create your own online store in no time! A simple user interface, convenience, and adjustability were the main guidelines that led us while designing this amazing feature. Check it out here.

6. Mobile Tasks

As we all nowadays use smartphones more than PCs, it is very convenient to work with tasks via a mobile application. Bitrix24 enabled accessing tasks via your smartphone. Lots of useful checkpoints, such as priority rating, task status, deadlines, goals, and assessment are available through the Mobile Tasks feature. In addition, you can assign roles and share your tasks. Learn more about this feature here.

7. Print Bitrix24 Pages and Slider Panels

Many Bitrix24 users have been asking for an option to print Gantt charts, calendars and CRM reports. Now, you can print Bitrix24 pages and slider panels through the Print option in the bottom of your screen. Learn how it’s done here.

8. Expense Tracking

Expense tracking is useful for efficient cost management and control over the expenses made by your employees. This convenient feature allows recording expenses, creating financial records, reports, as well as submitting them for approvals. Multiple users can create expense records, while the administrator can track all of them. Explore additional options of this application here.

9. Mind Map

We simply love the Mind Map application and we are sure you do love it too! Introducing this integration to your professional goal planner will increase objective visibility and help you keep up with your deadlines. Learn how to create a Mind Map here. In addition, you can easily assign tasks, add responsible persons, and control the improvement of the project. Most noteworthy, you can access the Mind Map from anywhere – as long as you can access your Bitrix24 account!

10. Appointment Scheduling and Resource Booking

Last but not least, our team has enabled free scheduling and resource booking option within the CRM. This feature is especially valuable for service-based businesses with multiple employees. It provides an insight into up-to-date, real-time planners of each one of your employees, allowing you to schedule and reschedule the appointments accordingly. In addition, we have left the very best feature for the end: resource booking. This revolutionary system allows you to respect both your and other people’s time and resources. Now, you can know exactly when a resource is available and book it in advance. Learn more about this impressive feature here.

While you are enjoying our amazing features from 2018, our team of developers is working on new, innovative solutions that will improve your business and life organization.

We wish you a happy and successful 2019!

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