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Enterprise 2.0 Trends And Predictions For 2014, Part II

Enterprise 2.0 Trends And Predictions For 2014, Part II
Bitrix24 Team
January 27, 2014
Last updated: December 29, 2020

Part I. We've asked several Enterprise 2.0 and social intranet experts what they expect from 2014. Is there 'social enterprise' bubble or not? Will this year become the year of big breakthrough and wide adoption? Do you expect any surprises from the industry in 2014?
Here are the replies that we got: 
Stowe Boyd. Lead researcher at GigaOM Research on the future of work and social business. Stowe blogs at, and tweets at @stoweboyd.

2014 is when 'social' (in the enterprise) will shift: less of a set of design metaphors for work tech, and instead a set of principles related to our scientific understanding of sociality. Social will form one thread in the expanding discourse around new ways of work, but not necessarily the hottest one. Work tech vendors have had their hands on sociality for over five years, and they haven't done much with it, honestly. Innovation among the most well-established companies actually seems to be slowing. It's become a war of attrition. There's more exciting work at the fringes, with some interesting chat-based solutions, and the increasing interest in small-and-simple task-centric and performance-centric tools. The combination of innovative business practices -- like holacracy, Results-Only-Work-Environments, and learnership -- with narrow-and-deep cooperative tools will begin to shift the conversation in a different and perhaps more productive direction.

Do you agree or disagree with expert opinions? Did they miss an important trend? Feel free to use comments to share your views

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