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Updated Desktop App: Voice and Video calls and Notification settings
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Vlad Kovalskiy
October 11, 2013
Last updated: April 5, 2023
Updated Desktop App: Voice and Video calls and Notification settings
Bitrix24 has released a new version of its desktop application that supports audio and video conference calls.

Now you no longer need to use a browser to call colleagues – it can be done directly from the desktop app.


Both audio and video calls support conference calling for up to 4 participants at the present time (October 2013).



The app also includes new settings.
You can activate the functions that you need: auto-launch of the app itself, sound, key combination for sending, previous message display, history, and more.


For many, the most important of the updates is the notification settings.

Now you can deactivate notifications of all email notifications or the reverse – receive notifications of all events via email or internal messenger.

There are 2 settings modes, simple and advanced. You can switch from one to the other as needed.

If you simply wish to turn off all email notifications, just use the simple mode and set it accordingly.


In the advanced mode, you can choose more specifically what types of events should trigger notifications to you and whether those notifications should come by email, inside the intranet (desktop app, mobile, or internal messenger), or both.


Presently, this functionality is only available in Windows, but we are already working to make it available for OS X.

If you already have installed the desktop app, just run the update for it via the built-in update system.


Or download it from the site.
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