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  • CRM Marketing is out!

    Dmitry Davydov 23 January 2018

    Yesterday we released the beta version of CRM Marketing. This means that you can run marketing campaigns directly from your Bitrix24 CRM.

    Currently, you have five campaign types at your disposal – mass mail, bulk SMS, voice broadcasting (robocalling), instant messaging and retargeting for Google Adwords and Facebook. If you are on a free plan, you’ll only have access to email marketing campaigns limited to 5,000 messages a month (daily limits apply as well).

    If you’ve watched our previous release webinars, then you know the strategy behind our CRM. First, we think that modern CRM must help companies find new clients and prospects. This is why Bitrix24 comes with a variety of lead capturing tools (email, phone calls, social media, website forms and live chat). Second, Bitrix24 helps you effectively process the data that enters your CRM, making sure no lead is abandoned or forgotten. Marketing automation is the final piece of the equation.

    Now that CRM Marketing is available to you, you gain two important advantages. You can segment your database and craft different marketing messages to different audiences. And you can fully automate lead nurturing processing, building email sequences and using omni-channel approach to make sure your message is really heard.

    As usual, if you have any questions or need help with marketing campaign setup, our partners are at your disposal.

    Since CRM Marketing is in beta, we are happy to hear your feedback and suggestions. Please use the form inside the module to share your ideas.

    For technical details, please read CRM Marketing Overview helpdesk article -

  • bitrix24_standard.png

    Please note that there are changes coming to Bitrix24 plans after January 31, 2018. The number of business tool users available on Bitrix24 Standard plan will be limited to 50. This means that the only cloud plan with unlimited business tool users after January 31 will be Bitrix24 Professional.


    This change will affect NEW Bitrix24 Standard accounts only. If you have activated your Bitrix24 Standard subscription prior to January 31, 2018, your account will remain to have unlimited business tool users for the entire duration of your subscription.

    If you are using a free Bitrix24 account and considering an upgrade to a paid plan, please be advised to make the switch before the end of the month.

    Yours truly,

    Bitrix24 team.

  • s-01.jpg

    Have you ever had an awesome year, that you can easily deem the best year of your life? Sometimes our best years are the ones that are carefully planned. Other times, amazing years are full of surprises. Unfortunately, we can’t control surprises, but we can control our plans.

    Goal setting is an important part of starting and growing a business. According to the 4th Annual Staples National Small Business Survey (Nasdaq: SPLS), 61% of business owners (61 percent) suffer from "ping-pong" syndrome as a result of constant bouncing between competing work demands and distractions. These figures could have been much lower if businesses took advantage of goal setting. Goals give us the direction to go to and simplify decision making in business.

    So if you want to reach mind-blowing business success by the end of 2018, it’s best to start planning now. Here is a step-by-step plan of how to make the new year your most productive year ever:

  • 10 New Bitrix24 Features You Absolutely Have To Try

    Yuliya Skorobogatova 28 December 2017


    Bitrix24 updates in 2017 were marked by the release of many new and exciting features and enhancements. Obviously, we can’t mention every new tool introduced to your Bitrix24 accounts in 2017, so we compiled a list of top 10 that we are especially proud of.

    Some of these remarkable tools are available only in the premium plans. However, we really want you to try them. Even if you have already activated your free 30-day trial, you can go to the Subscription tab and get free access to premium features for a month again.

  • Efficiency Indicator In Bitrix24

    Yana Prokopets 27 December 2017


    We have introduced a new tool in Bitrix24 tasks called Efficiency Indicator. As the name suggests, it measures how good Bitrix24 users are at completing their tasks on time and without objections. If you complete all your tasks without deadline violations and you aren’t asked to redo anything, your efficiency will be gauged at 100%. If you complete 9 out of 10 tasks successfully on time, the indicator will show a 90% rating.

    In addition to building individual reports, you can select Workgroups and Projects among filters. When this is done, the indicator will show how many tasks were completed on time for a given project.

    You can use Efficiency as one of your KPIs and improve performance. After all, what gets measured, gets improved!

  • This is a partner post from MAKE Interactive. Available in self-hosted currently.

    MAKE Pages is an add-in for your on premised (self-hosted) Bitrix24 for user-driven content creation. Using the simple categories and page creation, you can create content that is easily navigated, fully indexed by the global search, and categorized. Note that it is not available in the cloud version of Bitrix24.

    In practice, the functionality of MAKE Pages can perform any (or all) of the following duties in your intranet:

    *Wiki.  Content divides into categories and searchable, has internal linking and other wiki-type features. Regular users can make content without access to the Bitrix24 Control Panel.

    *Standard Procedures / Formal Documentation:  standard operating procedures, policies, by-laws, or rules of conduct can be officially documented along with a history of changes. This add-in was originally developed to provide ISO compliance.


  • leavedashboard.png

    Meet new Leave Management application for Bitrix24, developed by Bitrix24 partner YouNetSI. This app allows to manage staff leave requests flexibly and efficiently. All leave related activities can be performed via Bitrix24: request, review, approve, view history, report, etc. You can also export this report into Excel.

    Here is what you can do with this app:

    • Submit leave requests
    • Review and approve request
    • Leave report and history
    • Add leave types
    • Customize Leave Approval Process via Business Process Designer
    • Access permission
    • Personalization for each employee
    You can find this app in Bitrix24 Marketplace. Read more about this app in our partner's blog here.

  • The Future of Workforce Management: HR Evolution in 2018

    Yuliya Skorobogatova 18 December 2017
    According to IBM research, the most successful CEOs recognize employees as a central part of their strategies for organizational reinvention. They also understand that future trends and technology present a plethora of opportunities for business development. Clearly, every business that wants to be successful should follow the trends, including HR Trends.

    So how will HR industry look like in 2018? It’s obvious that the main changes in HR will be brought about by technology. Technology disrupted every single area of business: fr om IT to logistics and marketing. Now it’s time for HR. While marketers are busy trying to decipher consumer data, HR managers will face the same ocean of data coming from candidates and employees. Digital will permeate recruiting, performance reviews and training processes.

    In 2018 we’ll see HR field becoming more productive, agile and employee-focused. Here are the main trends to look out for:

  • New Bitrix24 Calendars Are Out

    Yana Prokopets 13 December 2017
    Meet your new Bitrix24 calendars. We’ve totally redesigned the interface, making it simultaneously more powerful and easier to use.

  • Sales Targets Inside Bitrix24 CRM

    Yuliya Skorobogatova 12 December 2017
    Sales targets are now available to commercial Bitrix24 CRM users. This means you can set goals for each of your sales agents, pipelines or company and track their progress. Importantly, the quotas can be set in two different ways. First, you can enter a number of deals that have to be won for a set period of time. Or, if you prefer, the goal can be set as a required sales volume.

  • Braintree Integration For Bitrix24 CRM Is Out

    Dmitry Davydov 12 December 2017
    You can now accept payments for Bitrix24 CRM via Braintree (in addition to PayPal and Stripe). Simply use this free app in our marketplace.  
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  • The article has been provided by YouNet SI, one of the leading Bitrix24 partners in Vietnam & S.E.A. Please contact them directly regarding installation or additional details.

    Every recruiter is well aware of how nightmarish the candidate filtering process can be. Especially when they have to manually manage hundreds of candidate profiles and job order requests.

    According to a recent study, 73% of HR leaders now consider “digital HR” to be a significant trend, and having a good management software can help HR personnel streamline the recruitment process, thus enabling them to identify and hire the best talents.


  • You can finally synchronize your data between FreshBooks and Bitrix24. If a Company and Contact details or an Invoice are modified in FreshBooks, the app will automatically make changes in Bitrix24. All of changes in Bitrix24 Company and Contact details will be automatically synchronized to FreshBooks as well.

    How to create invoices in Freshbooks from your Bitrix24 account.

    Create an Invoice in FreshBooks from a Bitrix24 Contact, Company or Deal. Select a Contact, Company or a Deal from the list in Bitrix24 CRM, click on «Create invoice in FreshBooks» widget, select a product or a service in the window that will open, and switch to creation of an invoice in FreshBooks interface. A link to the Invoice will appear in FreshBooks, after the Invoice is saved in the additional field of a Bitrix24 Contact, Company or a Deal. If the status of a FreshBooks Invoice changes to «Paid», the app will automatically change the status of the corresponding Invoice in Bitrix24 and will send a notification to a responsible manager.

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  • Firing an Employee: All Things You Need To Know

    Yuliya Skorobogatova 28 November 2017
    Firing employees presents certain difficulties to managers and the business in general. It’s usually the hardest part of the working process. No task or business problem is as emotionally charged and as important fr om a team health perspective as the firing process.

    Let’s admit it - no one likes to fire people. After all, we are social creatures and maintaining well-balanced relationships is part of our nature. This is especially true for startups and small businesses because in a small team everyone knows each other all too well. But you didn’t start a business to see it being destroyed by an underperforming employee. Knowing how to fire employees is a leadership skill that you need to master if you want to see your business succeed.

  • Bitrix24 integration with Stripe is now available.

    Dmitry Davydov 28 November 2017

    We are happy to announce that Stripe has been added to the list of payment processors now integrated with Bitrix24. This means that in addition to
    you can now accept payments inside your Bitrix24 account from credit and debit cards, ACH payments and other sources supported by Stripe.
    The Stripe app
    is currently 100% free and available to all Bitrix24 account users.

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