4 Ideas for Social Media and Email Marketing Integration

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Vlad Kovalskiy
December 1, 2016
Last updated: April 5, 2023
4 Ideas for Social Media and Email Marketing Integration
Ever since email returned back to the marketing arena in big style, experts have been trying to decide whether or not it has the potential to overshadow its contestants. Currently, this strategy stands at the statistical top of modern digital marketing efforts, thus humbling similar methods like content and social media marketing as well as pay-per-click advertising.

While each of those has its own specific purposes and unfortunate misuses, it cannot be denied that some (email and social platforms) are more effective than others (PPC). But, instead of letting the debate linger on, why not try taking the best of every world?

When integrated, which is already seamless enough, email blasts and social media mingling are powerful at mutually redeeming each other’s shortcomings. With the first showing amazing results when it comes to retention and driving transactions and the second being great for real-time, community-driven communication, together they make a forceful marketing machine with a triple objective:

  1. To spur social media engagement and extend email forwarding,
  2. To increase subscription rates, and
  3. To identify key influencers.

Here’s how.

1. Using Social Media Ads to Retarget Unengaged Subscribers


When it comes to nurturing hot leads and re-engaging cold ones, no technique is more promising than retargeting ads. Almost every social media platform offers some kind of an opportunity for doing so, with Facebook’s Website Customer Audiences and Twitter’s Tailored Audiences being the most convenient of such segmentation features.

Once a subscriber stops engaging with your brand and the email open and click-through rates start to drop, the channels you used for generating leads can serve as a great retargeting solution as well. Instead of scattering content around without any particular aim, you can push your social media ads directly toward passive prospects and offer something they won’t be able to refuse, thus driving them one step closer to the sales funnel.

Naturally, the ad itself will depend on your end objective. If trying to reheat leads, the content should excite them with something they haven’t been acquainted with in the past – an innovation they simply have to try or a special deal they shouldn’t miss. In case reactivating old customers is what you wish to accomplish, retargeted ads should delight them enough to make another purchase and seize a lucky chance while it lasts. That way, these ads are actually an excellent cross-selling and upselling method as well.

2. Integrating Subscriber Lists with Social Fanbases


Although email marketing campaigns do allow a personalized approach to some extent, social networks are still unparalleled in terms of creating custom-tailored customer experiences. Once substantial enough, your subscriber list can be effortlessly uploaded to Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, where it can help you build and deepen relationships, get familiar with your clientele, their specific desires, preferences and problems, and, just as importantly, expand your following.

At the same time, such integration will provide you a deeper insight into your target audience behaviour and allow you to pinpoint the most active customers-to-be – when detected, these influencers can be approached personally and leveraged as brand ambassadors.

3. Inviting Your Social Media Followers to Subscribe


By far the most brilliant aspect of integrating email with social media is that, in such way, you’re opening a comprehensive and far-reaching channel that can go in both directions – via digital messages, your company can promote its brand by inviting prospects to check out social media accounts, while through a same assembly of networks, you can encourage leads to subscribe for a newsletter list.

Being leaders in their niche and thus understanding our marketing demands, both Facebook and Twitter offer helpful features designed especially for this purpose. In order to utilize the first option, follow the granny-proof guide for adding a “subscribe” button to your brand’s Facebook Page; for exploiting a second one, simply employ Twitter Cards. Both alternatives allow your followers to join the email list without ever leaving the platform, which is, in terms of customer experience, convenience and real-time communication, one of the most fruitful benefits of integrating these two channels.

4. Building a Social Media Campaign around Your Emails


Attracting email subscribers via social media is a great way to start engaging with new audiences, but going the opposite direction is even more effective. If email campaigns have been the very focus of your marketing incentives thus far, raising a social media buzz around them will skyrocket your company’s ROI rates in a blink of an eye.

Include Social Icons. However engaging your messages, it’s quite easy for them to get buried in the recipient’s inbox if not connected with other channels. By functioning as “jump links”, social icons are indispensable parts of successfully designed emails – when included to the letter, they allow your prospects to instantly leap to the network and check the original special offer there or to share the deal with whomever it may concern.

Make a Marketing Combo. But, in order to be shared, your email offer should deliver something enticing, and nothing is more so than being invited to win something for free. By proposing a contest and promising a sure win – a discount, a limited offer or a freebie – social campaigns are among the most successful marketing strategies of today. Integration, however, boosts their potential even further, while simultaneously giving a strong reason to a recipient to jump from one channel to another.

Entice Engagement. That leads us straight to the “engagement” issue: while adding social icons to an email is as easy as it is important, they can hardly make any difference at all if an email itself isn’t alluring enough.
Before you use messages for inviting your subscribers to another platform, take a moment to think about how that action would contribute to the campaign goal, or why prospects would even want to allow you to shift their focus from reading emails to scrolling through Facebook.

If you are running the same campaign across all channels, be sure to slightly modify it for different social crowds and offer something original on each platform – this unique factor will motivate a subscriber to check out the rest of your social media accounts instead of settling for a single email.
With joint forces, email and social media provide the most powerful channel for lead generation and nurturing. By integrating your own, you’re only a step away from catapulting both your conversion rates and marketing ROI.

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