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Bitrix24 Telephony Rates Are Lowered By Up To 90%

Bitrix24 Team
January 27, 2016
Last updated: December 12, 2018
Great news for our telephony users. Our partner VoxImplant just lowered their phone rates for many countries by up to 90%. For example, phone calls in Poland used to cost 15 cents a minute, but now are only 1.5 cents. Germany, France, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Norway have all got a lot cheaper as well. In most countries in the world, from US to India to Brazil to Mexico to Indonesia, you can now use Bitrix24 telephony for local phone calls at only 1-3 cents per minute. You can see the rates for your country at

If you are not aware that Bitrix24 comes with telephony, feel free to watch this webinar. To sum up, when you use Bitrix24 you can

- Rent local phone numbers in 43 counties at $4-$11/mo
- Rent toll free numbers in US
- Record conversations
- All calls are logged automatically in CRM
- Calls will be routed automatically to assigned managers
- Works with VoIP phones and soft phones
- Can be integrated with your PBX
- Works on Bitrix24 mobile apps for iOS and Android
- Unlimited lines per phone number
- Unlimited numbers per account
- Employee extensions

Happy calling!
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