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How To Purchase Telephony Credits And Specify A Relay Number In Bitrix24

How To Purchase Telephony Credits And Specify A Relay Number In Bitrix24
Dmitry Davydov
February 11, 2014
Last updated: July 4, 2019
As you may have noticed, you are now able to purchase telephony credits from inside your Bitrix24 account or at The tariffs page also has telephone call rates that are available to you, depending on which country you are in and what type of call you are making.


If you go to Settings –> Telephony Settings you will also be able to specify a relay number. That’s a phone number that people you call to will see. We highly recommend you add the number that you want your customers to call back at.

While you can use web phone calls from Bitrix24 to talk to your co-workers, this feature is mostly used in Bitrix24 CRM. All calls made from the CRM are automatically registered and added to CRM activity list. However, you can also record the actual phone call made from the CRM either for quality assurance purposes or so that before you make your next phone call, you can quickly refresh your memory about the last one.

Please note that in some countries and states you have to notify a person about the fact that a phone call is being recorded. Make sure you follow your local laws and regulations.

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