New features in Bitrix24 CRM (Year 2014)

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Vlad Kovalskiy
March 17, 2014
Last updated: July 5, 2019
New features in Bitrix24 CRM (Year 2014)
Bitrix24’s CRM has several important updates:
  • We have released the first elements of the duplicate detection system to prevent doubled-up contacts with Leads, Contacts, and Companies;
  • More flexibility for working with Companies (more flexible access settings, option to set responsible during import and from the main Company list page);
  • New name format settings for Leads and Contacts.
We’ll look at each of these individually.

Duplicates in Leads, Companies, and Contacts

When working with the CRM, checking for duplicates is important. Often a single Lead or Contact has multiple employees working with it, and so it’s important that all the information related to the client is located in a single record.
Even if there is only 1 sales agent, it is impossible to remember all the clients that have ever been registered. Repeated correspondence and confusion in communication can result, wasting time and energy.
Bitrix24’s CRM now has a duplicates checker which works when new objects are created – Leads, Contacts, or Companies.

When a new object is created, the system will indicate whether a similar object has already been registered, along with information concerning the data fields which match (first or last name, company name, email, and telephone number).


Aside from this pop-up, if a new object is being created by hand, and some fields are skipped in the interest of quickly entering the data, the system will show a list of potential duplicates when the new object is saved.


If a suggested match is indeed a duplicate, then quick editing of the existing object can be performed by clicking on it.

If a sales agent enters data that matches an object to which he or she does not have access, the system will still show some basic information from the object and provide a link to the manager responsible for the existing object, so that a discussion about work with the given client can be initiated.


If you are sure that the match(es) is not a duplicate, then you can ignore the suggestion and save the object.

Checking for duplicates lets you avoid creating multiple records of single clients and saves time of sales agents, as well as solution the problem of data spread out over multiple CRM records.

If needed, you can deactivate the duplicate detection system under CRM>Settings>Other settings – in the Duplicate control tab.


This is only the first step in our fight to avoid duplicates. Now the system suggests only possible matches, but in the future it will allow merging and deleting of duplicated objects, or ‘white-listing’ of objects which are very similar but not duplicates. Likewise, the system will function not only when inputting new objects (manually), but also when importing from a file – which is the most common way that leads enter the system.

Increased flexibility when working with Companies

Companies can now have access settings like the other objects in the Bitrix CRM: Personal, Personal and department, Personal, department and sub-departments, All open and All. These settings are available in CRM – Settings – Access permissions.


Also, assignment of a responsible person is now possible in bulk as a grid function in the company list.


And to assign the responsible person immediately during import of Leads, Companies, or Contacts, you can use the below setting in the import dialog box.


Now an administrator can more flexibly assign access rights for Companies - the same as what has always been available for the other CRM object types. This feature has been greatly anticipated by our users so we’re glad to have it now.

Format settings for names of Leads and Contacts

One other important and needed option is the setting for formatting client names. The name format for Contacts and Leads in all dialogs pertaining to clients can be set on the page: CRМ – Settings – Other settings, and in the Format tab.


The setting chosen will be applied to all Contacts and Leads in their detail pages and in the respective lists.

That’s what’s new in the Bitrix24 CRM for now. Upcoming posts will explain the new features available for the mobile and desktop apps, and working with documents.

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Duplicates in Leads, Companies, and Contacts Increased flexibility when working with Companies Format settings for names of Leads and Contacts
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