Meet your new Bitrix24 CRM (Year 2014)

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Vlad Kovalskiy
October 27, 2014
Last updated: March 28, 2019
CRM is one of the most heavily used modules inside Bitrix24, so for this update we took special care to implement features that you’ve requested most often.

Here’s what’s new:
  • New CRM design
  • Fully customizable CRM forms
  • Custom fields in CRM reports
  • Birthday notifications for your leads and contacts

New CRM design

As you’ve noticed, new Bitrix24 design is flat, modern and functional. Immediately you see what’s important and requires your attention.




Customizable CRM forms

Bitrix24 admins can now customize lead, contact and company CRM forms both for creation and viewing according to individual needs of each company. You can add new (custom) fields, delete unnecessary ones and rearrange the order of the fields. Customized forms can be applied to all employees, if necessary.

We’ve also revamped interface for form viewing and added an option to se t document header. Now, when you create new CRM form, in addition to adding custom fields and delimiters, you can put the most important information up on top in the document header.

Do keep in mind that if contents for a field (CRM form element) are too large to be placed in the header, you won’t be able to add it there.

Custom fields in CRM reports

You can now build CRM reports that use data from custom fields. When you create new CRM form, it’s very important to have an ability to analyze data that is collected in these forms. Custom fields in CRM now can be used both for building reports or as filters in the report.


  The following field types can currently be used for reports - String, Date/Time, Integer, Number, Yes/No. We’ll support more field types in the future.

Birthday notifications for leads and contacts

You can now see a new Date of birth field available for leads and contacts. This field needs to be filled out, if you’d like to be notified in advance about upcoming birthdays of your clients and prospects.


  Importantly, each CRM manager sees birthday notifications only for leads and contacts that he or she is personally responsible for.


  We also plan to add the following features to Bitrix24 CRM in the near future:
  • Option to edit fields in the header in view mode.
  • Add more field types that you can place in the header.
  • Add CRM form name with an option to edit the name.
  • Update quotes and invoices.
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