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Sales Center in Bitrix24 (beta)

Sales Center in Bitrix24 (beta)
Bitrix24 Team
August 7, 2019
Last updated: December 29, 2020

More and more clients want to communicate in messengers and social networks. They also want to be able to buy goods or services straight away, make a reservation, schedule an appointment or get directions.

What is more, most clients prefer using mobile devices to desktops or laptops. That is why, webpages sent to clients need to be mobile-friendly, and it also influences the list of available payment methods that need to be mobile-friendly.

We’ve added a great tool to your Bitrix24 account - Sales Center - designed to work with customers in chats and perform chat enabled sales.

In the Sales Center section you can:

  • Provide your clients with information about your company, contact information and directions. More information here.
  • Send contact info or reservation (booking resources) webforms. More information here.
  • Connect payment systems and send a direct link to an order information page where a client can pay it straight away. More information here.
  • Create an order that a client will be able to pay straight away. More information here.

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