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  • A standard approach to social media marketing will get you standard, not stellar, results. Sure, post according to the recommended times. Follow formatting guidelines for various platforms and how best to update. Use those images! Do the things you're advised to do, but for high-impact social media, don't stop there. Here are the next steps.
    Saturate your followers with relevant, specific, interesting, helpful information.

    Generic list posts? Nobody needs them.
    Another boring rendition of generic success advice or ten tips for doing slightly better in some saturated topic? Nope. Nobody wants them.

    What people want is in-depth, insightful, interesting information that will genuinely help them in some specific way. Provide that, with lots of photos, and share it all over the place, generously. Speaking of generosity...

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    Meet new Bitrix24 Marketplace app - Passwork -  password manager for companies and IT professionals. The app helps to increase company IT-security, reduces costs and hidden risks of password management.

    Company passwords are under control

    Passwork simplifies and streamlines work with passwords in a company.
    Employees will never lose passwords, they can securely store and share them.
    Company administrators manage and track passwords access.

  • 4 Marketing Principles That Haven't Changed

    Dmitry Davydov 24 August 2015
    Marketing methods can change dramatically. The marketing principles that underlie all these methods, however, don't really change. It's just the way they are applied that gets a makeover every decade or so.

    Here are four key marketing principles that are just as true now as they’ve ever been, whether you're spreading your message via print, radio, word of mouth, or social media.
    Marketing Depends on Your Ability to Listen

  • Intranet users – are your employees, people who can have access to all and any information available in your company’s intranet (tasks, activity stream, document repository, CRM, etc.). Commercial subscriptions for Bitrix24 Cloud accounts feature an unlimited number of intranet users. For the Self-Hosted version, each edition of Bitrix24 Self-hosted version includes 25 intranet users by default (onetime fee + you can buy additional intranet users for $40/user).

    Extranet users – are non-employees (they can be your clients, partners, journalists, etc.), they do not have access to your company’s intranet, they only interact with your employees in the extranet  (which is limited to the instant messenger, workgroups and tasks / file sharing INSIDE the workgroups). Commercial subscriptions for Bitrix24 Cloud accounts feature an unlimited number of extranet users. For the Self-hosted version, any product edition (or subscription plan) that feature the Extranet – allows you to invite and manage an unlimited number of extranet users. No additional fees.

    Learn more about intranet / extranet users, here:
  • Complex, creative work can be some of the most challenging and rewarding work to do. Unfortunately, it can also be the most frustrating. When you're the team lead, it's your job to protect your team's creativity and energy by keeping projects from endlessly expanding, consuming all the resources, or turning into endless, recurring tasks instead of defined projects.
    There are three different ways that a team can be held hostage to an unending project.

  • To build an effective team, you need more than industry knowledge or technical proficiency. You need a group of people who can work together in a positive, productive way, getting through disagreements to come up with real solutions.
    That kind of team depends on soft skills, and these are the essential soft skills your team needs.
    Key Communication Skills
    Teams depend on communication. It’s the ground-level requirement for any group of people working together; otherwise there’s no way for these people to share ideas, give and receive feedback, reach common solutions, set goals, and assign tasks.

    Good communication skills include listening, speaking, understanding, and clarifying.

  • Meet new Business Card Scanner app –  a simple way  to convert business cards to your Bitrix24. Take a photo of business card and it will import all card data directly to your Bitrix24 CRM.

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    • Bitrix24 CRM integration.
    • All information in one place – couple click to snap а business card to your Bitrix24.
    • Preview data and make necessary changes before saving.
    • Works via your mobile device camera.
    • Recognition in 6 languages
    • Exact conversion of business card data.
    • You pay only for recognition
    App is FREE. Recognitions are NOT (you pay only when you need) Flexible payments options. Free 5 cards for demo.

  • Patrick Dixon is one of the world’s leading Futurists.  Check out his latest book  - The Future of Almost Everything  - is published on August 27th by Amazon. Patrick Dixon has been ranked 1 of 20 most influential business thinkers.

    You wrote “Building a Better Business: The Key to Future Marketing, Management and Motivation” back in 2005 & your new book is called “The Future Of Almost Everything”.  What are the most important trends for us to think about right now.

    P.D.:  Every trend connects to every other trend, and the greatest mistake is to focus on only one area, while the rest of the world spins ahead.  Here are a few really big ones that will dominate our global future:  

    1 billion children are alive today, all of whom will be adults soon, wanting a middle class lifestyle, and 85% of the entire world will be living in emerging markets in 10 year’s time.  1 billion people will move over the next 30 years from rural areas in the poorest nations to cities in their own nations, or will migrate to cities in wealthy nations.  At least 800 million people with no bank accounts will gain access to payments, savings and insurance using a smartphone, over the next 5-8 years.  
  • Handling unhappy customers is a necessary, if unpleasant, part of running a business. The more you know about customers, and what they care about, the better you'll be at handling their complaints. Here are several common complaints, and solutions, that you might face in your business.

    Customer Complaint 1: “You didn’t do what you said you would do.”

    This complaint is about a lack of dependability. Customers want to be able to trust what you say; if you claim that your product will grow hair, your service will solve all their problems, or delivery will happen at 10 a.m. on a Tuesday, then you need to make sure it happens.

    Ambiguity, exaggeration, hidden terms, or failure to follow up on guarantees leave your customers feeling like they’ve been swindled. Of course, they’ll avoid doing business with you again; nobody likes to feel cheated.

  • MAKE Interactive, Bitrix Gold Partner, Netherlands.

    IMPORTANT. This integration is currently available for self-hosted Bitrix24 only.

    A few additions to Bitrix24 to facilitate the main activities that your company performs can make a very big difference in both adoption and return on the investment that you put into your intranet. There is always a give-and-take in the implementation of any technology, but finding the pain points for users and alleviating them can have big rewards.

    For an experienced Bitrix partner, it’s not hard to make minor adjustments that avoid the notorious “work-around” --  the adjustment that your employees have to make in order to accommodate the way the software works. The reverse is how it should be: your software should be adjusted to the way you work.

    Below are some minor adjustments that have been placed into Bitrix24 onsite intranets which are small in scope, but great in effect. The following specific examples, we hope, will help to trigger ideas for improvements in your Bitrix24 – and we’d love to hear about them!

    Support ticket widget.  

    At an IT service company, the majority of employees that interact with clients need to use the ticketing system. That means getting it on the front page and getting it looking good.
    1. Sits next to Activity Stream on main page
    2. Lists tickets in various statuses / responsibility
    3. Links to ticket list view filtered according to Point 2 above
    4. Customized skin on ticket list


  • The work you do, no matter how creative, almost always has some repetitive elements. Designing and using a workflow allows you to do that work efficiently and effectively. It reduces wasted time, unnecessary decisions, and disorganization so you can be more creative and more productive.

    Pay Attention to How You Work Now

    The first step to designing a workflow is to simply start noticing how you already work. You probably have a routine you already follow; it just might be an inefficient or incomplete routine.

  • Alf Rehn is a writer, a professor of management, a ginthusiast, a keynote speaker, a fan of Ethel Merman and a strategic advisor, although not necessarily in that order. He can be stalked at or on Twitter at @alfrehn.

    Let's get to the point. Your book is called 'Dangerous Ideas'. How real is BYOD problem? Is there really any danger in employees bringing their own phones, tablets and laptops to work and working with company data?

    AR: I’m not sure that specific book of mine has too much to add to the BYOD issue, but it might serve as a framework to understand the same: The notion of employees bringing their own devices will in most cases will a CIO and an IT department with a sense of foreboding and doom. “–They’re bringing in unsecured machines! –They’re ignoring protocol!” But maybe this is the best thing that can happen to an IT department! Rather than seeing themselves as an armory, BYOD could get corporate IT to start seeing themselves as teachers and ambassadors – regardless of platform. So there is of course some dangers, but also the potential for renewal and transcending an IT logic that, frankly, is stuck in the 1980’s.

  • Not all marketing is created equal. There are different marketing methods, and some work better than others depending on your business and your customers.
    The question, then, is how to know which types of marketing will work best for you. There are three foundational marketing types that can be applied to almost any business successfully. Take a look, and check out the two marketing types you should avoid.


  • Jones Loflin is a motivational speaker and author with primary areas of focus being work/life balance, time management, and change.
    A lot of teams nowadays are distributed. People are telecommuting, working from home and relying on other forms of non-traditional employment ranging from (freelancing, temp work, short term contacts). How do you build a strong team when people don’t see each other every day in an office environment?

    JL: Three things come to mind:
    • Clarity of work and outcomes. When people are working in non-traditional environments, it’s easy to get so focused on your own work and forget how it connects to what others are doing. As a manager of leader of virtual teams, it’s critical to keep everyone focused on the “big picture” and what each member is doing to contribute to the outcomes.
    • Maintain “face time.” Part of what makes a strong team is positive emotional energy. Interacting with others through some type of video conferencing on a consistent basis is important. If at all possible, physically meet from time to time as well.
    • Keep everyone informed. As the leader or manager of the virtual team, keep other team members abreast of what others are doing. It prevents team members from thinking, “I wonder what _______ is doing?” which can lessen the trust they have that the other person is fully contributing to the desired outcomes.

  • Your desktop app chat can be now viewed in a separate browser page. Simply add desktop_app/  at the end of your intranet name link  ( so that the full address will look like  https:// /desktop_app/  )


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