Extra Users, Extra Disk Space, Extra Bitrix24.Drive Options

Alex Reznor
January 10, 2014
Last updated: December 3, 2018
We have added three new features that have been frequently requested. First, if you are using our free plan, you can now buy 12 extra users for $25/mo. A lot of you complained that paying $99 or $199 each month so that one or two additional users can work in Bitrix24 made no sense. So now you can have up to 24 users in your account, without having to switch to Bitrix24 Standard or Bitrix24 Professional.

Here are the important things to keep in mind – you can add 12 extra users only once. If you need to have more than 24 users, you will need to upgrade to the Standard or Professional plan. Second, buying extra users does not give you access to features available in our premium plans and it does not qualify you for priority support.

Likewise you can now buy extra disk space if you have exceeded or are getting close to the limits permitted by your current plan, including free one. Extra disk space is sold in packages of 25GB, 250GB and 1TB for $25/mo, $50/mo and $100/mo respectively. As with buying extra users, if you use our free plan and decide to buy additional disk space, this will not unlock premium features, nor qualify you for priority support.

Finally, the new version of Bitrix24.Drive now works with group files, in addition to personal files. Now you can also share folders inside your personal files and specify which Bitrix24 users are allowed access to them. Synchronization with company files via Bitrix24.Drive will be added soon.

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