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Seventeen Free Remote Employee Management And Collaboration Tools In Bitrix24

Seventeen Free Remote Employee Management And Collaboration Tools In Bitrix24
Bitrix24 Team
March 7, 2014
Last updated: December 30, 2020
It might sound as a cliché, which doesn't make it any less true, but the nature of workforce is changing. More and more people are telecommuting, working in geographically dispersed teams or hiring/offering their service as freelancers.

Try googling 'telecommuting tools' or 'remote employee management tools' and you get articles that recommend using 10 different tools for 10 different things - Skype for face-to-face meetings, Dropbox for file sharing, Google Docs for working with documents, and so on. That's the wrong way to go. If you want to manage your geographically dispersed team or teleworkers effectively, all the tools should be in one place easily accessible by everyone, just like they are in Bitrix24.

Here is a list of remote employee management tools available in free Bitrix24 plan

1. Private social network
2. Group chat
3. Videocalls and videoconferencing
4. Telephony
5. Group tasks and group projects (workgroups)
6. Shared team calendars
7. CRM and sales team management
8. Lead management and email marketing
9. Invoicing
10. Bitrix24.Drive for online storage and file sharing
11. Online document management with multiuser editing
12. Time tracking and employee workload planning
13. Daily planner
14. Team checklists
15. Workflow automation
16. Mobile workforce management
17. Employee self-service and HR tools

To repeat, these are all available to you at no cost as long as your team is 12 users or less (you can buy extra 12 users for just $25 a month, if necessary).

Here is a list remote employee management tools available in paid Bitrix24 plans or the self-hosted edition.

1. Remote employee training and learning management
2. Time management
3. Work reports
4. Extranet
5. Helpdesk and ticketing
6. Meetings and briefings
7. Records management

Additional tools and integrations with third party solutions are available in Bitrix24 Marketplace and are provided by Bitrix24 partners.

Happy remote collaboration to you!

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