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  • Introduction to Retainer Contracts: Who, When and Why

    Yuliya Skorobogatova 16 June 2017
    After a few long years of experimenting with freelance structures and one-off engagements, the business world has come to realize that project contracts aren’t always the best solution. And, that makes perfect sense: since both short-term deals and retainer agreements have pros and cons of their own, the decisive factor should be whether or not one of them makes sense in your specific situation.

    Let’s find out what retainer contracts actually are, and for whom, when and why they deliver stellar results.

  • Meet Kanban, Planner & New Filters For Tasks

    Yana Prokopets 14 June 2017
    Kanban View For Tasks & Projects

    Bitrix24 Kanban for Projects - is a tool that will help you manage your projects!

    Kanban in Bitrix24 is created especially for projects (workgroups).

  • Bitrix24.CRM Is Out!

    Yuliya Skorobogatova 7 June 2017
    The junior on premise edition Bitrix24.CRM is now available to general public for download and purchase. Priced at only 1,490 US Dollars and sold with source code, it’s probably the most affordable full featured client, task and project management solution for a small team on the market right now. And if you make the purchase before June 14, you’ll save an additional 10% when entering discount coupon code BITRIX24JUNE at checkout.

    Terms and Conditions

    This special offer is valid until June 14, 2017, and cannot be combined with other discounts or special offers. All purchases can be made directly or through your local Bitrix24 partner. To take advantage of the offer, please apply your discount coupon code on the checkout page.
  • b95f96ff035a12048c16333af6df7cc2.png
    Overshadowed by a variety of marketing techniques, lead nurturing is something companies often forget about. It is easy to close deals when your leads are qualified and ready to buy. However, there is always a big cohort of prospects who are not so sure yet whether they need your product or service. Lead nurturing focuses marketing efforts on preparing these potential clients for their first purchase.

    How Effective It Is?

    Though it may seem like yet another step in a process that’s already long and daunting, lead nurturing makes a world of difference. In fact, both Marketo and Forrester Research have found that companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% lower cost!

    Still not convinced? Here are a couple of stats more.

  • Automatic Call Transcription

    Yana Prokopets 31 May 2017
    In addition to call recording, you have now an option to get a call transcription in a text format! About 80 languages are supported at the moment.


  • 5 Hacks for Successful User Onboarding

    Yuliya Skorobogatova 30 May 2017
    By definition, user onboarding is a new element of web and mobile app design that helps customers adopt the product successfully and with ease. It’s the initial experience users have with your brand, which lasts from the moment they access your digital product until the moment they become absolutely enchanted with it, realizing just how beneficial and necessary it is in their lives.

    The end goal of user onboarding is manifold. Sure, it should teach customers how to use a product, but do so in an exciting, unobtrusive way. More importantly, successful user onboarding should shorten the time users need for understanding the product’s core value, thus enticing them to use it constantly in the future.

    Instead of finding your product uninteresting and difficult to use, people should become enthusiastic about it. It’s the difference between seeing them leave and converting them into satisfied long-term customers. As such, user onboarding isn’t just the best first impression you can make; essentially, it is a growth technique that digital businesses cannot afford to miss.  

    Here’s how to make it irresistible.

  • If you’ve missed yesterday’s presentation of new Bitrix24, here’s the recording:

    Here’s a list of new features that have been or soon will be released to your cloud Bitrix24 accounts:

    - Kanban view for tasks and projects
    - Customizable task planner
    - New filters and search inside CRM, tasks and Activity Stream
    - New sales and marketing automation tools
    - HTML template support for email marketing campaigns
    - New 360-degree client profile overview
    - CRM lite mode
    - Customizable greetings for Bitrix24 Open Channels
    - Free Bitrix24.Time app
    - Asterisk and 3CX support
    - Much more!

    In addition to that, new on premise Bitrix24 editions now start at only $1490.
    Tags: CRM, project management, release, tasks
  • Founded in 1972, Eurofarma is the first Brazilian multinational pharmaceutical company. The company operates in more than 20 countries and has 12 manufacturing plants all over the world. Besides tremendous business success, Eurofarma has been listed among “The best Companies to Work For” according to Exame Voce S/A magazine for 10 years. Mario Nigro, Senior HR manager at Eurofarma, shares the secrets of employee motivation with our readers.


  • Why Choose CRM for Accounting?

    Yuliya Skorobogatova 18 May 2017
    We can romanticize it all we want, but the business world comes down to two simple things: customers and revenue. It’s how it always was, and how it will remain in the future. Luckily, today’s digital age has equipped us with technology that makes these goals so much more achievable.

    In 2013, Gartner Research predicted that CRM will grow to encompass a world-wide market of approximately $36 billion. Today, it is a synonym for success. But, did you know that cutting-edge solutions go beyond customer-oriented tools?

    Whether you’re a bookkeeper behind an enterprising businessman, or an independent accounting firm with clients of its own, CRM can make your customers happy and your books tidier. Here’s how.

  • 5ce52ea55d54d77cfff116e1e023c805.png
    Meet new smart search and filters for the Activity Stream.

    This new search:
    • Searches throughout the entire Activity Stream
    • Immediately shows search results
    • Indexes new Activity Stream content in real time

  • Spring 2017 Release Online Presentation

    Yana Prokopets 15 May 2017
    It’s May and this means it’s time for Bitrix24 Spring release. Please join us for a free webinar where we’ll be covering new features coming to Bitrix24 accounts. The webinar will take place on Wednesday, May 24, from 10 AM to 11 AM Eastern Daylight Time.

    Reserve your seat here!

    We can’t give away all the secrets yet, but we’ll be unveiling:

  • 5 Services to Help Startups Save Money

    Yuliya Skorobogatova 10 May 2017

    However ambitious, new businesses fail for two fairly simple reasons: lack of management skills and dearth of financial prowess. The eventual success in these early stages of growth directly depends on your ability to manage money in the cleverest, most efficient way.

    Having realized that every dollar counts, frugal entrepreneurs started reaching out to technology for help. Luckily, inexpensive solutions are everywhere around; besides being cost-effective, online tools and services automate workflow, raise productivity and improve delivery rates.

    The following are our top five choices for services that reduce operational costs and help startups stay on their feet.

  • e65e6fb89007448a04cd4f2f221e1c6e.png
    Identity, image, reputation – confusing one for the other can be harmful for your overall branding strategy. Though equally important, these aspects of a brand are not entirely the same. Each requires a management tactic of its own, and each deserves your undivided attention.

    By definition, brand reputation is the “entirety of the public’s opinion about a company’s corporate actions”. It’s what shapes your customers’ stance and helps them determine whether or not you can be trusted with their money, time and energy. While an image can be manipulated, reputation cannot. A favorable and publicly recognized name needs to be built carefully and patiently. It depends on your company culture, quality of your offerings and interactions you make with the receiving end.

    But also, it depends on your ability to avoid common pitfalls and frequent mistakes that can ruin your renown for good.

  • New Prices For On Premise Bitrix24 Editions

    Yuliya Skorobogatova 2 May 2017
    Hello everyone!

    We’ve got a couple of great news for those Bitrix24 users who want to use our service on their own servers.

    First, we are introducing new and extremely affordable on premise edition called Bitrix24.CRM. That’s a sneak peek, Bitrix24.CRM is coming soon in May! Priced at only 1,490 US dollars, it’s ideal for small companies that plan to use Bitrix24 primarily for sales but want to host it on their own server. Contrary to its name, it actually contains all the features of Bitrix24 Professional plan, like tasks, projects, documents or calendars, excluding Extranet, for up to 12 users. If you need more users and features, you’ll need to upgrade to Business or Enterprise editions (these editions are already available for purchasing).
  • a3660f0e5af469b1fac12673c276240f.png
    New lead capture form for Online chat – now people visiting your website can be automatically added into your Bitrix24 CRM. After your website visitor sends a message to the Online chat, the capture form pops up, asking the client to introduce him or herself and provide contact information (name, email & phone). The option is automatically enabled, no actions are required at your end.

    The information your website visitors have submitted will automatically appear inside your Bitrix24 CRM and Open Channels. A new lead will be automatically created for a new potential client. As for existing clients, chat conversations will be bound to the identified CRM records.

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