For Succesful Mobile Marketing Go For Immediate Gratification And Quick Actions - Interview With Aliza Sherman

Yana Prokopets
March 10, 2015
Last updated: December 3, 2018
Aliza Sherman - web pioneer, motivational speaker, co-author of Social Media Engagement for Dummies and CEO of Spark The Creative Agency.


1. What mobile marketing mistakes to you see companies make most often?

The first mistake companies make most often when embarking on mobile marketing efforts is to not ensure their own website - or the destination site where they're driving consumers - is mobile friendly.

In this day and age of marketing, making your website more mobile should be a given.

Another mistake is to treat the mobile platform in the same way you treat the web platform, forgetting about certain limitations given smaller mobile device screens and even shorter attention spans. People tend to access their mobile devices on the go so mobile marketing needs to be carried out in more compact and condensed ways.

2. Can you share your #1 mobile marketing tip?

My #1 mobile marketing tip is to craft mobile marketing campaigns that are quick and seamless experiences with clear, easy actions.

Provide information that doesn't require complex interactions. Visuals and video work well in smaller formats. Go for immediate gratification and quick actions.

3. Which mobile marketing platform or platforms in your view are best right now?

I love the social mobile networks such as Instagram and Vine. I'm really intrigued by the MeerKat live streaming video app. And of course, all the major social networks are extremely mobile friendly and as they each add more mobile advertising options, they'll become even more powerful for brands.

On another side of mobile marketing - SMS marketing - I think there are some clever uses of text messaging that brands can leverage using tools such as YepText.

Then there are QR codes that are still being used and are viable when produced properly.

4. What technological changes and trends do you expect to have major impact on the industry in the next 5 years?

I think geofencing and mobile messaging is really interesting - marketing by text message or triggering mobile device actions when people enter a specific place or space such as a conference or retail location. Also interesting are products such as Bytelight - LED lights that can be placed into a space to tap into smartphone GPS data as a customer walks through a space.

As consumers continue to become more reliant on their smartphones for augmenting their offline experiences - not just looking up information at a store but more immediately and regularly interacting with a retailer or brand - marketers will have more "ins" to smart and effective mobile marketing that reaches people in more intimate ways.

5. Can you recommend your favorite mobile marketing resources – blogs, podcasts, books, etc.?

Mobile Mixed with Greg Hickman. Although not exclusively about mobile marketing, I enjoy Marketing Over Coffee with Christopher Penn and John Wall.

Thank you for the interview.

We also recommend QR Code Handbook and Mobile Marketing The Good The Awesome The Sexy by Aliza Sherman.

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