Looking for Bitrix24 users to be featured in the Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times.

Dmitry Davydov
March 14, 2016
Last updated: December 3, 2018

As one of the fastest growing social collaboration platforms we regularly receive journalist inquiries who’d like to learn more about our product and the companies who use it. As per our privacy policy we don’t release any information about our clients, unless they explicitly agreed to it.

Most recently, a correspondent from Vedomosti, which is a joint venture of Dow Jones and the Financial Times in Russia, contacted us with the request to talk to several mid size companies from North America, Europe and Asia that use Bitrix24.

If you’d like to be interviewed by this and other journalists about your experience using Bitrix24, please fill out this case study questionnaire and send your answers to press@bitrix24.com. We’ll forward your contact details to reporters who write about social collaboration tools in general and Bitrix24 in particular.

1. Company name, country of residence.
2. Number of employees, industry.
3. How long have you been using Bitrix24 for?
4. How are you using Bitrix24 in your company (be as thorough as possible)?
5. What are your favorite Bitrix24 features? Why?
6. How did Bitrix24 impact your/your company productivity? Please share any hard figures if you have them.
7. Did you use any collaboration software prior to switching to Bitrix24? Please share your experiences.
8. Please provide an email address and a phone number for a contact person in your company.
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