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Meet Advanced Bitrix24.Drive

Meet Advanced Bitrix24.Drive
Bitrix24 Team
May 30, 2016
Last updated: August 31, 2019
Bitrix24 Standard and Professional plans subscribers can now access Advanced Bitrix24.Drive options such as Allow Document Locking & Disable Public Links.

Allow Document Locking

When several users are working with same document, it may be important to have an option to “Lock document for editing by another user”. This action may help you to protect the file from changes being made by other users who also have access for this file.

By default, the Lock option is disabled. In order to activate it for your Bitrix24 please open Settings > Intranet Settings and find “Allow document locking” option in the list:


After that the Lock option will appear in the document actions menu:


The document will be locked for other users until you decide to unlock it. File will be marked with a special icon.


Other users who have access to this file will be able to open it, but the changes they make won’t be saved in the file but a new document will be created in this user’s My Drive instead. The following warning message will be displayed:


Bitrix24 desktop app users who have My Drive synchronization activated will see the same message when trying to edit locked files.

Disable Public Links

If you need to prevent your employees from being able to share files stored in your Bitrix24 account with outside users, you can disable this option in Settings > Intranet Settings > Allow public links.

Note: both Advanced Bitrix24.Drive options can be activated\deactivated by Bitrix24 administrator(s) only in the Intranet Settings.

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