Meet Bitrix24 Plus

Dmitry Davydov
September 21, 2015
Last updated: December 3, 2018
As you’ve probably noticed, we added new plan Bitrix24 Plus, created specifically for small businesses and solo entrepreneurs. Some of the features that were available to free users during testing and development have migrated to this plan.

So what advantages do you get when choosing Bitrix24 Plus?

1. You get more users and space – 24 users and 24 GB
2. You get advanced CRM
3. You get advanced Telephony

What’s inside advanced CRM?
Bitrix24 is the only free online CRM that comes with unlimited records (leads, contacts, companies, deals, quotes and invoices). You can work with unlimited clients and search through all of your records even as a free user, however the list view is limited to the first 5000 records. This is done in order to conserve server resources and speed up record processing. If this limit gets in your way, simply upgrade to any Bitrix24 commercial plan.

CRM access log is another great premium feature. As a database administrator you’ll see which users have accessed your CRM and which actions have been performed. If you have an employee who’s exporting the entire client base Sunday midnight, you have a reason to be concerned.

CRM history changes, ability to restore data with one click, advanced duplicate search are all now available to the Bitrix24 Plus, Standard and Professional users as well.

What’s inside advanced telephony?
Telephony is tightly integrated with Bitrix24 CRM. You can make and receive phone calls directly from/to CRM. Our system automatically connects your clients to assigned managers, and you see client information on your screen even before you answer the phone. Importantly, all phone calls can be recorded and this comes in handy not just for quality assurance purposes, but also because agents can listen to recordings later and add missing information to CRM, rather than trying to do this while talking to clients.

Storing phone call records actually costs us money, so free accounts are limited to 100 recordings a month. This limit is removed for premium users. Other great premium features are phone hours and ‘ring to all’ (simultaneous calls). When you set business hours for your telephony, the phone calls are routed to your employees only during work days/hours. During off hours/weekend the calls will be routed to a voice mail with an option to play pre-recorded message.

Simultaneous call is an option that routes incoming phone call to all employees who are available and aren’t engaged in a conversation. The first employee to pick up will continue the conversation.

Another awesome advanced telephony feature is call source tracking. If you are using multiple phone numbers to track effectiveness of various marketing channels, you no longer need to manually analyze the data. You simply assign a source to each phone number in Bitrix24 Telephony settings (i.e. 123-1234=website, 123-5678=Adwords) and our system will automatically generate call source reports for you.

Finally, we’ve added call quality evaluation option to Bitrix24 telephony as well. This is a pre-recorded message urging your customers to press 1 through 5 in order to indicate how happy they were with the assistance they received after the conversation is over.

Remember that you can connect your PBX, softphones or VoIP phone sets to Bitrix24 or rent local, international and toll free numbers from inside your Bitrix24 account.

Wait, there’s more

Bitrix24 Plus costs only $39/mo and if you subscribed to 24X24 plan during August special, you will continue paying $24/mo while getting all the Plus features.

If you become Bitrix24 commercial plan user now, you can also lock in current prices for future updates planned for this fall and new spring, including:

- Progressive dialer
- Trigger emails
- Advanced call analytics
- Task dependencies
- Document access log & audit trail

Thank you for being a loyal Bitrix24 user!
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