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Efficiency Indicator In Bitrix24

Efficiency Indicator In Bitrix24
Bitrix24 Team
December 27, 2017
Last updated: December 17, 2020
We have introduced a new tool in Bitrix24 tasks called Efficiency Indicator. As the name suggests, it measures how good Bitrix24 users are at completing their tasks on time and without objections. If you complete all your tasks without deadline violations and you aren’t asked to redo anything, your efficiency will be gauged at 100%. If you complete 9 out of 10 tasks successfully on time, the indicator will show a 90% rating.


In addition to building individual reports, you can select Workgroups and Projects among filters. When this is done, the indicator will show how many tasks were completed on time for a given project.

You can use Efficiency as one of your KPIs and improve performance. After all, what gets measured, gets improved!

For more information, please read our Helpdesk article.
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