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iPad vs PC - Mobile Productivity Tips From Chris Lee

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Vlad Kovalskiy
July 3, 2014
Last updated: April 5, 2023
iPad vs PC - Mobile Productivity Tips From Chris Lee
As you know, we take mobile very seriously. That's why you can use Bitrix24 as mobile intranet, mobile CRM or mobile HRMS. Today we talked to mobile productivity expert and the author of TabletProductive.Com Christopher Lee how to get the most out of your iPad.
Hi Chris. You seem to be in love with your iPad. Why? What advantages do tablets have over personal computers, other than being easily portable? 

1. Instant on
2. Better screen resolution, the new Macbooks notwithstanding
3. Seamless touch interface
4. Apps: many, many different app options for various uses

Which productivity tools other than the obvious ones, like todo lists or mobile CRMs, work on mobile devices much better than they do on personal computers?

1. Electronic medical records
2. Mind maps
3. Notetaking and Writing in general, i.e. Drafts, ByWord, Editorial, etc.
4. Simple photo manipulation, i.e. iPhoto, Snapseed, etc.
5. PDF processing, i.e. annotating and signing documents
6. Document annotation in general, i.e. Skitch
7. Skype works better and easier on my iPad than it does on a relative's new Win7 laptop

What is the biggest single feature that is currently missing from iPads and Android tablets that hinders productivity?

Ability to easily attach multiple monitors, keyboard and mouse for those times that more screen real estate is needed. I think the new Surface 3's will mitigate this.

What's your view on external keyboards? Must have, waste of money or a matter of personal preference?

Must have. I write all of my posts, my eBooks and my professional notetaking on a Logitech Ultrathin Folio.

How much time do you spend yourself with your iPad vs personal computer?

80% of my time is on my iPad. I only use my work laptop to access secured work directories, locked-down work email and high-end spreadsheet work. However, my company is moving to Microsoft Office 365 which will mean I will likely be moving to 95% iPad, 5% laptop

Thanks Chris!

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