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Tool Of The Week: IceHRM Review

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Vlad Kovalskiy
March 19, 2018
Last updated: April 5, 2023
Tool Of The Week: IceHRM Review
We are always on the lookout for great tools that can help your business or organization. Today, we’ll be talking about IceHRM - a human resource management system that covers all of your basic HRM needs.

It can be challenging to keep track of your employees. Storing all their information, managing their leave and attendance records, and processing payroll can be difficult and confusing, especially when you’re doing everything through various platforms.

IceHRM allows you to manage your employees on one easy-to-use platform. With IceHRM’s Employee Management System, you can keep confidential employee information both secure and accessible by storing it all on one platform and defining access permissions to authorized personnel. List, edit, add and search employees in your company, and even keep an archive of terminated employees.

The Leave Management System allows you to implement your company’s leave policies however you want. You can define leave types, assign certain types only to selected groups of employees, and more. IceHRM also supports leave carry forwarding and leave accrual.

You can track every bit of time spent with IceHRM. Employees can update their own time sheets and the attendance module will keep track of punch-in and punch-out times. Performance charts will compare the time spent in the office with the time sheets, helping you evaluate how much is actually getting done.

IceHRM also offers payroll processing, including multiple pay periods, different rules for different groups, and exported reports. Or if you already have a payroll system and you don’t want to switch, IceHRM can create the reports required for third-party applications.

There’s a basic Expense claim management module with up to 4 levels of approval, and a recruitment and applicant tracking module that lets you manage job postings and candidates.

This app has a lot of great features and here are 3 benefits that make it essential for your business.

Good User Interface

The IceHRM dashboard compartmentalizes all the different features and makes it easy to navigate.


IceHRM is very customizable. You can edit all of the modules to work for your company, implementing your policies and managing your employees the way you want.

Different Editions

IceHRM offers a choice between the Opensource, IceHRMPro, and Cloud versions, so you can choose what works best for your company.

The Opensource version is free but has limited features. IceHRMPro is a program you download and install on your computer, and ranges in price from $249 to $1149, depending on how many employee licenses you need. The Cloud option is free for up to 5 employees, and then has a monthly subscription fee that varies based on the number of employees.

So, if you need a powerful but simple HR management system, check out IceHRM. And remember, if you're looking for free CRM, project management or collaboration tools a free web-based HR system, be sure to try Bitrix24.

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