• Get your documents signed with "Sign Here" application

    Yuliya Skorobogatova 14 June 2018
    Sign Here” integrates e-signature service Signaturit.com with Bitrix24. This integration ensures GDPR compliance and grants a signed document the legal status.
  • New Document Builder Inside Bitrix24 CRM

    Dmitry Davydov 9 June 2018
    Screen Shot 2018-06-09 at 8.37.22 AM.png
    As we've recently announced in our Spring 2018 Release presentation, all accounts now have a new document builder inside CRM. This means that you can now create ANY document type inside your CRM via your own templates. Think contracts, NDAs, waybills, bills of lading, shipping manifests, purchase orders, service agreements - anything.

    This feature is available for all accounts. The number of documents on Bitrix24 Free plan is limited to 100 documents, and all Bitrix24 commercial plans have an unlimited number of documents.  
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  • project.jpg

    When you start a project, the first thing you do is create a project plan. A project plan is a document designed to guide the control and execution of the project. In simple terms, a project plan establishes tasks, milestones, and deliverables and assigns people to each task. There is a lot of data and effort that go into a project plan creation. Yet there is one thing that a project plan doesn’t include, but that one thing can jeopardize the entire project.

  • Last year we've released an integration app that connects Bitrix24 with the cloud QuickBooks service. Many of you have requested the same type of integration for their desktop QuickbBooks accounts. We are happy to report that Bitrix24 is now capable of doing that as well. Please use this app to synchronize your Bitrix24 accounts with the desktop Quickbooks editions.
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  • people analytics.png

    People analytics is one of the hottest topics in the world of HR. This is understandable as people are the most valuable resource the organization has access to. But the implementation of people analytics also contains a great promise of transformation - the transformation of HR from a supporting business function to a strategic, revenue increasing partner.

    This article is intended to explore the essence of people analytics and future predictions in the field.

  • 1-02.png
    GDPR is an important piece of legislation that regulates personal data processing for the residents of the European Union. It comes into effect on May 25, 2018. You can learn more about GDPR in this Wikipedia article.

    We’ve updated all our services to make sure they meet GDPR guidelines. If your organization is located in the European Union and you are using Bitrix24, be aware of the following changes:
  • Today we’ve introduced the new version of Bitrix24 called Hong Kong. This was a very extensive release with several dozen new features added. If you did not attend our online presentation, here’s an hour long recording of the webinar. For those too busy to watch the entire presentation, here are the highlights of the release:

    1.    GDPR compliance information for Bitrix24 users from the European Union

    2.    Print option for any Bitrix24 page, including Gantt charts

    3.    New mobile app for iOS and Android

    4.    New desktop application for Windows and Mac, elastic drive and CRM drive

    5.    Updated business process designer

    6.    Automation for tasks

    7.    Tasks between Bitrix24 accounts

    8.    New Bitrix24 contact center

    9.    New Bitrix24.Mail

    10.  Updated open channels, widget and reports

    11.  New rules and triggers for CRM automation

    12.  Repeat leads and deals inside CRM, Sales Boost feature

    13.  Appointment scheduling and resource booking inside CRM

    14.  New document builder for CRM

    15.  Online stores inside Bitrix24 (cloud ecommerce platform)

    For details about each feature and availability dates, please watch the recorded presentation. We'd appreciate if you share the news about the release with your friends and colleagues inside your Bitrix24 accounts as well as via Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

    P.S. We've also recorded this presentation in Spanish and Portuguese for our clients from Spain, Portugal and Latin America.

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  • Untitled-1-01 (4).png

    Inside and outside sales can often be perceived as complete opposites. According to InsideSales.com research report on the State of Sales in the United States and EMEA, field sales made up 71.2% of the sales force, while inside sales made up only 28.8% of the sales force in 2017. The situation is rapidly changing though, as the sales models are blending and the differences between the two become less and less noticeable.

  • Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 11.15.21.png

    We’ve added an ability to schedule appointments and book resources inside Bitrix24 CRM. If you run a service-based business, like a nail salon, a vet clinic or an auto repair shop, you’ll love this new feature.

    Here’s what it’s all about. Suppose you are a dog groomer. It takes an hour to do the job, so when a client calls, you tell them about available time slots and book them for a certain date and time. Now you can do that inside Bitrix24 CRM. Awesome, right?

  • Tool Of The Week: Folk Review

    Yuliya Skorobogatova 18 May 2018

    We are always on the lookout for great tools that can help your business or organization. Today we’ll be talking about Folk, a contact manager that helps you make the most of your network.

  • We are happy to add another integration app that some of our users have been asking for a while - JotForm. JotForm is a popular website form creator launched in 2006 and used by over 2 million websites. All the data entered in JotForm forms will automatically end up in Bitrix24 CRM as leads. The app is free.

    On another note, folks from Leadsbridge have announced that they released Slack integration for Bitrix24. More information and additional integrations can be found on their website.

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  • It’s May already and you know what it means – it’s time for the Spring 2018 Release presentation. If you’ve got an hour to spare on May 23 at 10 AM Eastern Standard Time, please join us for a webinar. This time we’ll be showing you new features soon to be available inside Bitrix24 accounts AND sharing our roadmap for 2018. Live streaming will be limited to the first 1000 attendees, so don’t delay and reserve your seat now.


    We’ll be talking about

    -       New CRM and sales automation options

    -       Introducing automation inside tasks

    -       Unveiling brand new Bitrix24 webmail client

    -       Showing document creator for CRM

    -       Talking out about our new ecommerce platform

    -       Sharing our vision for the future of Bitirx24.

    See you at the presentation!

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  • Tool Of The Week: DomainWatch Review

    Yuliya Skorobogatova 11 May 2018

    We are always on the lookout for great tools that can help your business or organization. Today we’ll be talking about DomainWatch, a tool that helps you track domains.

  • You can now use your own SMTP server when sending emails from Bitrix24 CRM. To do so, simply click email icon in any CRM entity, select 'Add sender' in the From: field and specify your SMTP server details.
    Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 8.05.51 AM.png
    Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 8.06.06 AM.png

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  • Bitrix24 Mobile App Update

    Yuliya Skorobogatova 7 May 2018
    message-19 (1).jpg

    We've released a big mobile app update! Here is a list of new features:

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