• The workgroup is a virtual community of users created for discussing and solving of defined issues, goals and tasks.

    By uniting users into workgroups for collaboration and projects, all the communications and data related to a given project or team is organized in a single place. All tasks inside the group can be viewed in relation to each other and access to information can be shared to users outside the group if needed.

    Groups have individual permission settings and roles such as moderators, owners, and members. New members are added via invitation.

  • Activity Stream

    Ann Slyshkina 30 May 2012
    The Activity Stream is the most prominent feature on the Bitrix24 main page. It allows users to be aware of all the current activity with pertains to them.

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  • We are proud to introduce Bitrix24 – a new collaboration solution for amplifying productive interaction inside companies.  We have long envisioned a product which will put the benefits of enterprise-level intranets into the hands of smaller players, instantly.

    Bitrix24 is for any company needing a single platform for work and communications. When work and communications are united, people are more in tune with the progress of projects, notifications are made automatically, projects pass smoothly from one phase to another, and inefficient meetings and excessive email are reduced. Small companies, creative teams, and departments of large organizations will find Bitrix24 to be an instant boost in transparent collaboration.

    Bitrix24 will be offered free! Up to 12 users are allowed in the free plan, which will in essence have all of the functionality of the basic paid plan.  That means you and your colleagues are less than 5 minutes away from great tools such as company activity stream, file sharing, tasking, discussions, project groups, calendaring, secure internal messaging, and more – all fully searchable and with an intuitive interface.

    I’d like to welcome you personally to our open beta phase, where you are free to use any plan of Bitrix24 knowing that your Bitrix24 intranet will transition smoothly to a free or premium plan when the beta stage is over.
    This is not the end of our conversation.  Let me tell you about one very small addition that I made to Bitrix24. At the bottom of each Bitrix24 webpage, there is a feedback link where you can send your needs and ideas about Bitrix24. Be in contact with me and the Bitrix24 team, and you will see that Bitrix24 is takes you to a new level.
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