• Generating Leads


    Leads form the start of your prospects journey through the CRM sales cycle and are usually generated in a number of different ways.

    Fr om traditional forms of lead generation such as reply coupons, person to person telemarketing and field sales, to web enquiry forms or outsourcing leads from data management companies.

    Managing leads effectively can benefit your business in a number of ways:

    • Reduce marketing costs
    • Improved business forecasting
    • More sales per customer
    • Improved segmentation of clients
    • Personalized promotional offers
    • Up selling

  • Invoices in Bitrix24’s CRM

    Ann Slyshkina 26 June 2013
    Bitrix24’s CRM has been enriched with invoice functionality.

    Now you can:
    • Issue invoices directly from the CRM
    • Follow the entire sales process – from incoming lead to sending an invoice
    • Save all invoices in a single place and find them easily using search
    • Send invoices to clients by email, print them, and save them as PDFs
    Let’s look at a basic scenario for working with this new tool.

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  • Recently, the Professional cloud plan was enhanced with Records Management (Lists), a tool to hold and display structured information.

    So it could be used for glossaries, structured storages, partner lists, expenses, etc.

    • construction of data fields for any type of object, including files;
    • simple access settings for individual lists;
    • filters, sorting, column display, group editing, export, etc.
    • any hierarchical structure (sections) for storing objects can be implemented;
    • no limit on the number of lists, lists available in workgroups and globally;
    • integration of business processes.
    This post provides an example of approving expenses using records management and a business process.

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  • Bitrix24’s CRM manages email correspondence with contacts, companies and leads and can receive and append incoming email to the appropriate CRM object or record.

    Sending messages from the CRM

    Sending emails from the CRM can be done individually or in bulk, files can be attached to messages, and pre-made templates can be implemented.  
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  • Over the last few days, a lot of updates have been made in Bitrix24.

    Now you have:
    • CRM available in the mobile version
    • Records management (lists)
    • Video chat
    • Announcements
    • Document preview via Google Docs
    • A new tariff plan for enterprises

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  • Over the last few days there have been several updates in Bitrix24. The following new functionality is now available:
    • You can now try the top cloud plan, Professional for 30 days, free.
    • Date and Time settings are available
    • Mac users can now use the Bitrix24.Drive feature in the desktop app.
    • Several CRM updates

  • How To: Lead creation from external services

    Ann Slyshkina 26 April 2013
    Suppose you have a form on a site that visitors can fill out. Using the REST API of Bitrix24, you can use the data received in this form to create a lead in the CRM.
    The REST API can be used to only to import leads in the CRM. Soon, the API will be capable of importing other CRM entities (contacts, companies and deals).  

  • We encourage you to try our Bitrix24 before purchasing a commercial license key. There are two options to choose from: Bitrix24 Free Cloud Version - more suitable for end-users for general product overview, and Bitrix24 30-Day Trial Version - preferred by advanced intranet users and IT-Department staff who would like to investigate the extensive customization and integration possibilities of the product more thoroughly.
    Bitrix24 Free Cloud VersionBitrix24 Free 30-Day Trial Version
    • 24/7 online access from anywhere
    • Simple registration, no credit card needed
    • Super-fast deployment in the Cloud
    • (e.g. https://yourcomapny.bitrix24.com)
    • Free social intranet for 12 user + 5 Gb storage
    • Limited functionality, no customization tools
    • Extended options in commercial subscriptions
    • Full control over front-end and back-end
    • All tools & features, can be customized
    • Can be installed locally or on a web server
    • (e.g. localhost or http://yourintranet.com)
    • Preferred by advanced users & IT-staff
    • 30-day trial period, lim ited user count
    • Can be activated with a commercial key*
    Sign up free!
    Compare all plans
    Download now
    Installation guide in PDF

    To activate your 30-day trial in the cloud version of Bitrix24, simply navigate to:
    Your Bitrix24 --> Settings --> License --> Demo mode --> Activate

    *You can start developing your intranet/extranet solution in-house using a trial package of Bitrix24 Self-Hosted version. It can be evaluated for 30 days, and during the evaluation period it is also possible to buy a license key and continue working with the product as a commercial customer without losing any data or wasting any time with a new product installation.
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  • Converting Leads

    Converting a lead to a Contact represents a point in the relationship with the (potential) client that puts them in a category beyond the rather impersonal status of ‘lead’, or the point at which the client is made the responsibility of a manager rather than an associate, etc. In many cases, this is when the lead makes a purchase or signs a contract.

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  • Bitrix24 Spring 2013 Updates Part A

    Ann Slyshkina 19 March 2013
    Bitrix24’s cloud service was recently updated; changes affect the following functions:
    • Mobile App
    • Bitrix24.Drive
    • Main page
    • Daily planner in the Standard and Free versions
    • CRM
    • Tasks
    • Web (IM) messenger
    Let’s take a closer look at each point.  

  • Today, almost every cloud service is accompanied by some sort of mobile platform for easier access on the move; and Bitrix24 is no different. MakeUseOf.com takes a look at our free Android app which is available from Google Play. What’s more, together with MakeUseOf.com we’ll also be giving away 25 Bitrix Startup licenses, and an HTC Butterfly! Read the review and sign up for the giveaway contest: http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/bitrix24-android-application-review-htc-butterfly-giveaway/
  • Choose your Bitrix24: in the Cloud or Self-hosted

    Ann Slyshkina 28 February 2013
    ( ! ) Please note that updated information is available at: https://www.bitrix24.com/about/blogs/tips-n-trick/what-is-the-difference-between-the-cloud-and-selfhosted-versions-.php

    Bitrix24 is a solution for business communications and collaboration inside organizations of any size.  The system unites tools classically belonging to the corporate intranet with social collaboration elements to form an optimal virtual work platform.

    In this article we won’t go deep into the descriptions of the functional capabilities of the product; they are highlighted in the video that you can find here or on our site.

    If, when searching for a virtual workspace for your business you chose Bitrix24, you may not have realized that Bitrix24 can be used as an online service and as a ‘box’ product – that is, installed on your own server (or that of your hosting provider).

    Depending on your business nature, company size, and requirements to an intranet solution, you can choose between the flexible monthly payment available from the Cloud version of Bitrix24 or the purchasing and owning a life-time license of the Self-hosted version. Both versions have their benefits and trade-offs associated with deployment and maintenance.

    Whether the cloud or self-hosted is right for you depends on a number of factors.  

    Below we will discuss several advantages of the two options, noting technical and economic factors along the way.

  • With 40,000 cloud signups and 5000 installed intranets, Bitrix24 users form a sample group worth studying.  Here are the main trends that we have observed:

    1.    Social intranet is small, real small, and that’s good news. The median Bitrix24 intranet size is only 9.7 users. Small businesses are embracing social intranet when it’s offered as affordable cloud solution that doesn’t require install or maintenance.
    2.    Social intranet isn’t just for business. While 62% of social intranet users are companies, 10% are educational institutions, another 10% are healthcare providers,  
  • Searching and filtering in Bitrix24

    Ann Slyshkina 14 February 2013
    Bitrix24 has several tools with search functionality:  

    • Global search
    • Filtering
    • Activity stream filter
    • Search in groups
    • Employee search

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  • Why Desktop-app?

    Ann Slyshkina 12 February 2013
    At the end of last year, we debuted our desktop app for Bitrix24 that works on both Windows (download) and Mac (download) platforms.

    This app lets you replace whatever traditional internal messenger you are using now completely.

    Without opening a browser, the desktop app lets employees stay in touch. Personal messages, notifications from the Activity Stream, likes and comments, and incoming task notifications are also visible through the app.  

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